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REQUIRED - Ban Appeal Template

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MULTIPLE BAN APPEAL POSTS WILL RESULT IN A WARNING AND CAN LEAD TO A FORUM BAN. Decisions are final, but you are free to try again after 6 months. Forum inactivity when information or a response is requested will result in appeal being denied


PLEASE note that if you are using a non legit / shared key (crack) to play the game with, NO support will be given. Only make an appeal if you own the real game / non shared key, otherwise your appeal will be locked / ignored! 

In-Game Name:

Server 1 or Server 2:

Admin that banned you (If You Know): 

Ban Length (If You Know): 

Reason for your ban (If You Know): 

Why you wish to be unbanned: 

Any other comments: 


Any ban appeals made after the posting of this topic that did not use the required template above will be locked with a link to this template after one week of the topic being locked for not having the right template it will be trashed.

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