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Ban Appeal 4.Perm ban this time

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In-Game Name:Peguins

Server 1 or Server 2:Server 2

Admin that banned you (If You Know): I am unsure.Says I am perm banned (Must have been while I was not online)

Ban Length (If You Know): Perm Ban

Reason for your ban (If You Know): I have zero clue what I was banned for.

Why you wish to be unbanned: I have played on this server for awhile now I follow the rules like everyone else.Friendly good player who likes world at war and enjoy playing some of the other players on the server.Its a active server that is fun to play.

Any other comments: I do have a fast trigger finger that has gotten me banned plenty of times before this ban.Was always unbanned and told I was good to go.Also had a note put in under my account by another admin that I was not cheating (Using a macro or scroll wheel of any kind) Video proof on the website itself and can start streaming my game play and can post proof again if needed.Just going to be honest, I am tired of being banned over and over and over again.Its getting old and something needs to be done within staff to prevent this issue going forward.I like the server I want to donate but the constant bans keeps my money in my pocket because nothing has been done about this issue.I always tone down the fast trigger finger for newer players when a sale is going on or if no other good players are on the server.I only shoot 11 to 12cps using a butterfly method on my mouse when the comp is high on the server.This is not the only game not the only server that I have had this issue with.I have already been perm banned from almost every world at war server that is active over this issue.If I do not get unbanned on this server then this game will be unplayable for me (Other than zombies).I have never cheated on the server.I rarely get a warning over speech in chat.Lets figure this out speak to me about what the concerns are!

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Alternate fire, multiple fingers included is against the rules. Thank to clarification from the ones who wrote them. You have been warned to not use semi autos but still used them.


Appeal denied.

Peace Through POWER


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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