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Nvidia driver 436.02 update Apex Legends, Forza, and Battlefield framerates increase by up to 23 percent

[PDE]Herz Vaalheit

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Nvidia has release pretty big update on 20 august 2019. Nvidia integer image available on RTX only


When Integer Scaling is enabled, the GPU will scale the smaller-than-native-resolution-size source allocations by duplicating the pixels at the max possible integer factors on the horizontal and vertical directions. Here are some tips for using Integer Scaling: -Requires a Turing GPU and Windows 10 April 2018 Update and above

-Integer Scaling is not supported in Surround mode, on tiled displays, with custom resolutions or when DSR is enabled

-Pixel formats supprted: RGB/YUV444/YUV422

-When the display has a different aspect ratio from the game, you will see black borders on the display -

Integer Scaling is not supported In MSHybrid notebooks where the integrated graphics are managing the display properties


Improved Image Sharpening for NVIDIA Freestyle


Max Pre-Rendered Frames” Becomes “Ultra-Low Latency” Mode


Before the update the limit was 1 which i always use

select Off to prioritize render throughput by allowing games to queue frames
Select on to prioritize latency by limiting queued frames to 1
select ultra to prioritize latency by fully minimizing queued frames (Best for gaming) smooth and responsive for fps or fast paced games


Enjoy gaming




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now only to sell my kidney for RTX
and new Mobo
and new CPU
and DDR4 memory
and SSD
and new PSU to handle all that

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