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[PDE]Herz Vaalheit

Nvidia driver 436.02 update Apex Legends, Forza, and Battlefield framerates increase by up to 23 percent

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Nvidia has release pretty big update on 20 august 2019. Nvidia integer image available on RTX only


When Integer Scaling is enabled, the GPU will scale the smaller-than-native-resolution-size source allocations by duplicating the pixels at the max possible integer factors on the horizontal and vertical directions. Here are some tips for using Integer Scaling: -Requires a Turing GPU and Windows 10 April 2018 Update and above

-Integer Scaling is not supported in Surround mode, on tiled displays, with custom resolutions or when DSR is enabled

-Pixel formats supprted: RGB/YUV444/YUV422

-When the display has a different aspect ratio from the game, you will see black borders on the display -

Integer Scaling is not supported In MSHybrid notebooks where the integrated graphics are managing the display properties


Improved Image Sharpening for NVIDIA Freestyle


Max Pre-Rendered Frames” Becomes “Ultra-Low Latency” Mode


Before the update the limit was 1 which i always use

select Off to prioritize render throughput by allowing games to queue frames
Select on to prioritize latency by limiting queued frames to 1
select ultra to prioritize latency by fully minimizing queued frames (Best for gaming) smooth and responsive for fps or fast paced games


Enjoy gaming




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    • Your In-Game Name: Gamma2011FR Cheaters In-Game Name: MrPebbles Which Server: Reason for request: The player always anticipates my arrival while I have a silencer and the perks: silence of death/ camouflage, other players also have suspicion Proof: https://www47.zippyshare.com/v/Wk34aJiW/file.html
    • I think I've seen this name before in the past. Mr '88', you are welcome to join our PDI community at anytime if you'd like.
    • Hey all. My name is Brian, but i've been in the WaW servers as stelio or speakeasyyy. I have been playing from vcod up to WaW, and love when servers are still active, and greatly enjoy how active these are! My name is Brian. I have quite a few hobbies that include woodworking and music production for example, and like to play cod of course. I was competitive in cod4 promod around 08-12 and took a break, and came back and am pleased that everyone is still playing great games. I hope to see and play with you all!
    • You need to play more with PDE or PDG members, we are not only in the PDG servers, we play warzone too, check out our discord. Talk to them and play. There are some few members sometimes on PDG servers. We are international clan so most of us probably have different time zone and talk different accent and language. Anyway good luck  https://discord.gg/n6gZaWY
    • Due to topic I have enabled post approval on this topic to hold down drama/toxicity. Since I wasn't there and have no way of access chat logs I'll go off on how I feel and also @Senior Admin chat logs pls Players that constantly cry out cheaters are quite annoying but they can be right everynow and then, I look for a min or 2 and say no they aren't and move on. If they keep it up it depends, I can tell them to take it to forums or if they are starting to go toxic I warn them. Now from the player side of things, there are here to play and if they think someone is cheating and an admin is on I would expect them to look (Alot don't for whatever reason) but if not I would see where I can report. If an admin started getting toxic towards me I'm someone who will retaliate. We may not be "paid" to staff servers, it's volunteer based on applications but it does come with expectations to uphold the image of the servers are a friendly place for all unless you are a rule breaker and I get that people can have bad days but toxicty shouldn't come from either side, especially staff or PDE members   I wrote this after just waking up so let me know if it's confusing
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