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Borderlands Collection (Borderlands 2, BL1, BL Pre-Sequel, and ALL DLC) $3.70


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Borderlands Collection (Borderlands 2, BL1, BL Pre-Sequel, and ALL DLC) $3.70

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

(Borderlands 2, BL1, BL Pre-Sequel, and ALL DLC) $3.70


This is a very popular Action RPG (moreso a First Person Shooter with lots of action). There's lots of loot, many DLCs, and this price can't be beat. Even if you don't know anything about this or think you won't like it, it's cheap as hell for 3 full games (BL2 is the best in this bunch) and lots of DLCs, LOTS! It's 4 player co-op online and LAN. If you like playing games with others, get it. It's worth it.

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[21:28] |NßK| LadyCinell: i eat kid like that all days at 4 pm
[14:23] [PDE]TAJ: i want to eat hot dog [14:23] [PDE]TAJ: and american burger
[01:33] dancingmad: Nah, but northern minnesota. Trees and paul bunyan and shit.
[DEAD]XmohamedX4gamer: i hate this map its very very players
[11:16] [PDE]TAJ: i wish i could turn off the repeating message of scofields friendship story

The legendary Xfire messenger^^

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