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  • PDE Forum Rules

    Rule #1: No advertising or spamming of websites, servers, or communities/clans.

    YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming sites are allowed. Game related articles from media sites are also allowed. Advertising other community/clan can lead to a ban from the site.

    Rule #2: No spamming in chatbox.

    Spam of any sort in the chatbox may result in a warning or the loss of the ability to use chatbox.

    Rule #3: Remain respectful of other users.

    Joking with friends is allowed, as long as it isn't taken too far. Disrespecting users or staff may result in a warning, restriction of posts, or a ban.

    Rule #4: No offensive or racist language.

    Some regular/common profanity is allowed. Using this type of language may result in a warning or restriction on your posts.

    Rule #5: No offensive or racist names.

    Users with offensive or racist names will be required to change their name.

    Rule #6: You may not have the PDE tag in your name without being properly recruited.

    The PDE tag can be edited into your name after you are accepted. When making your account, do not add the tag yourself.

    Rule #7: No necro posting.

    Replying to a thread that hasn't been responded to in over 30 days is considered necro posting. This is ONLY allowed if the topic is a request that hasn't had a decision made on it yet. Necro posting may result in a warning or restriction on your posts.

    Rule #8: Do not excessively bump threads.

    When making requests on the site please wait 3 days before bumping your own topic again. (Responding to someone else's comment on your topic is not considered bumping). Excessive bumping may result in a warning or denial of the request.

    Rule #9: Do not abuse the reputation system.

    Repeated +1 or -1 reputation towards one member without valid reasoning is considered reputation abuse. Reputation abuse may result in a warning or the loss of the ability to use reputation. Users that abuse the reputation system and are unable to give reputation are given the "Reputation Abuser" group.


    ** Forum Staff may issue punishments not listed above depending on the severity of the offense.


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