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  1. Thanks Guys. no luck in fixing may have to grab WaW when it goes on sale on steam
  2. I have do a clean install of windows 10 and all my drivers etc. It still does, I am assuming It is the newer version of windows 10 I have which is 2004. If I can get it on steam can I back up my retail profile and stats to steam so I dont have to level up again and keep my rank? @[PDE]Herz Vaalheit@[PDE]Embahh Thanks all for you assistance.
  3. Good Afternoon everyone, I played CoD 5 World at War years ago and I have it on DVD-ROM. I tried installing it on Windows 10 and I am getting errors like specified device not found etc. Has anyone installed it on windows 10 from DVD? Or am I out of luck? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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