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  1. MBHomey

    I got it for 15 euro through a key website. On steam, it's 30euro.
  2. MBHomey

    I played it for about 16hours total. So far my experience has been great. The only problems i've had so far is the queue system and actually finding a good squad that communicates with eachother. It is possible to play by yourself, however I find that in most situations playing with a team you get along with enhances the game sooo much more. It deff. has potential. The devs also release major monthly patches with new maps and/or features to the game. Also as a side note, the game is pretty intensive on your pc. I run a RTX 2070 and a I7 9750-H with 16gb ram. Even I sometimes get frame drops. Though, people told me it could be because of the high body count. You can turn this down in the settings. If you do get it, feel free to hmu! Always looking to play
  3. MBHomey

    No problem mate, I'm glad you found some new games you can potentially play! They do take up some time though, as battles usually last around 50minutes in my experiences. Anyways, if you do play them, I hope you have fun! Cheers
  4. Hello everyone! Today I wanted to ask your opinion about the games Hell let Loose and Post Scriptum. For those of you not familiar with both of these games, I will explain. HLL and PS are both WWII based realistic first-person shooters. They both heavily rely on teamwork, communiaction and strategy. The goal in these games is to capture and/or defend points in the map you play in. The games also come with pre-made classes. For example infantry troops can make use of classes like rifleman, medic, automatic rifleman, etc. You can also become part of a tank squad. These usually consists of 3 people, who are all operating the same tank. It's quite amazing in my opinion. These are their gameplay trailers: Post Scriptum: Hell let Loose: So, with that being said, I think both games are amazing. I do not personally own post scriptum yet, but I have played it before. Playing either really feels immersive. The only issue I have with HLL is, that a lot of good servers are constantly full. Because of this you might sit in queue for a while before you can play. As the queue only supports 6 people. Furthermore, I think PS feels a little more realistic and HLL aa little more 'arcady'. Nevertheless, HLL is still fun to play. Now I ask of you, Are you familiar with the games? Do you like them? and what are your thoughts on them? I am excited to know! Thank you, -MBHomey-
  5. MBHomey

    Thx man, it's a pleasure
  6. Hello! My name is MBHomey. I used to go by xPasswordz back in the day (Still go by this on WAW). Some of you might still know me, as I used to be active on an old server which has been disbanded for quite some time. I also quit playing back then. But about a week ago i decided to see if the World at War community was still a thing. Lo and behold, it still is! So because PDE has great servers and a nice and active community, you guys have motivated me to start playing again! I thank every single one of you for this, as World at War is a game I just can not let go. About me: My real name is Jannick and I'm 18 years of age. I'm a friendly person that likes to get along with almost everyone. I'm always down for a chat, so feel free to say hello to me. Furthermore, I love learning about how to improve and watching other people play the game. I don't really care about my K/D or anything like that, having fun and playing the game is enough for me. If anyone has questions about me or anything else, feel free to let me know! I'm keen to answer anything you'd like to know. Thank you for reading! -MBHomey-
  7. MBHomey

    IGN: xPasswordz

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