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  1. dez

    Fun fact, if you place an arty on a enemy teams spawn it force changes their spawn so it's best to put in on choke points or on their side of an objective for maximum affect I put artillery's outside no matter the spawns, outside and closer to whichever side they're currently spawning from.. seems to work best
  2. dez

    200 on dome will always be a challenge for me.. this is close! Maybe if some of those 60 assists were kills..
  3. dez

    Thank you both
  4. dez

    i always land tv station and it's pretty much just a race to the heli and if you lose that race you'll get shredded
  5. Halo is super nostalgic for me
  6. dez

    The main fix needed is for the RPG players (even though I'm the same)
  7. dez

    Name: dez (or Troy) In-game Name: dezYEET Country: United Kingdom City: Southampton (soon moving) Age: 20 Do You Have Any Other Games: I have a lot of Steam games but the most relevant being CoD WaW, the new Modern Warfare, other CoD's, Overwatch How long have you been playing in PDE servers?: I first played May of 2019 but I was heavily into World of Warcraft at that time so I didn't play much. I have been highly invested in WaW recently, and will continue to be What are you good at? Any game skills?: I am a very consistent high killer, I'm a run and gunner. With a 20+ server fill I average over 90 kills no matter the map, anybody who has played with me could support that. I have a 3.5k score per minute (SPM) on Server 1, and 4.5k on Server 3. Introduce Yourself: As seen above, I'm 20 years old and live in the United Kingdom. Due to current circumstances I'm unemployed therefore I have a lot of time on my hands to play games. Luckily for me, I have a wonderful girlfriend who also plays games like CoD which in retrospect gives me even more gaming time. I don't have many hobbies aside from gaming anymore, but I'm a big family person and spending time with family to me is much more important than any hobby could be! What do you think about PDG?: Although I haven't been around for the longest time, it is very clear to me that everybody is loyal, active and considerate. I see absolutely 0 toxicity and that is exactly what I love to see. May I note that I understand the importance of forum activity and although I'm just scraping the limit to be able to create this topic, I can assure you persistent activity on the forums, in-game and Discord (which I am already active on). I will also say that I'm not just someone who wants to flaunt the fact they can kill well, I do want to be a part of this community. I want to help out, make friends, laugh, have fun, play and repeat
  8. dez

    I’ve noticed this as well, i’m not too sure. But if you are looking to level up, be sure to play on server #3
  9. dez

    Thought this was decent for a 20 player game. One of my better Upheaval matches
  10. dez

    Hey guys, I'm dez or dezYEET in-game. I'm 20 years old and live in the United Kingdom. I play mostly World At War, I branch out to other steam games but always find myself coming back to the 12 year old god game itself. I've been around a short while but only just involved myself in the community more. I look forward to meeting you all
  11. dez

    I haven't played much but I haven't personally seen over 170 (roughly) in TDM that is. I saw your game was FFA, I guess that means instead of it being 50% friendlies 50% enemies everyone is an enemy which makes it easier to kill people.. 213 is crazy though
  12. dez

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