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  1. Fun fact, if you place an arty on a enemy teams spawn it force changes their spawn so it's best to put in on choke points or on their side of an objective for maximum affect I put artillery's outside no matter the spawns, outside and closer to whichever side they're currently spawning from.. seems to work best
  2. 200 on dome will always be a challenge for me.. this is close! Maybe if some of those 60 assists were kills..
  3. Thank you both 👍
  4. i always land tv station and it's pretty much just a race to the heli and if you lose that race you'll get shredded
  5. 😍👽 Halo is super nostalgic for me
  6. The main fix needed is for the RPG players (even though I'm the same) 😤
  7. Name: dez (or Troy) In-game Name: dezYEET Country: United Kingdom City: Southampton (soon moving) Age: 20 Do You Have Any Other Games: I have a lot of Steam games but the most relevant being CoD WaW, the new Modern Warfare, other CoD's, Overwatch How long have you been playing in PDE servers?: I first played May of 2019 but I was heavily into World of Warcraft at that time so I didn't play much. I have been highly invested in WaW recently, and will continue to be What are you good at? Any game skills?: I am a very consistent high killer, I'm a run and gunner.
  8. I’ve noticed this as well, i’m not too sure. But if you are looking to level up, be sure to play on server #3
  9. Thought this was decent for a 20 player game. One of my better Upheaval matches
  10. Hey guys, I'm dez or dezYEET in-game. I'm 20 years old and live in the United Kingdom. I play mostly World At War, I branch out to other steam games but always find myself coming back to the 12 year old god game itself. I've been around a short while but only just involved myself in the community more. I look forward to meeting you all 🙂
  11. I haven't played much but I haven't personally seen over 170 (roughly) in TDM that is. I saw your game was FFA, I guess that means instead of it being 50% friendlies 50% enemies everyone is an enemy which makes it easier to kill people.. 213 is crazy though
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