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  1. PrivateBruh

    I tried joining server 1 but it also says that I am permanently banned.
  2. PrivateBruh

    In-game Name: PrivateBruh Server 1 or Server 2: Server 2 Admin that banned you: Unknown Ban Length: Permanent Reason for your ban: Unknown Why you wished to be unbanned: It's a really good server that I found with active players and good ping. Call of Duty: World at War had really good multiplayer that I missed during it's glory days and I want to experience that. Though, I do not know why I was permanently banned without a warning and I read the rules to see if I broke any of them. If I did accidentally broke one of the rules then I am really sorry. Any other comments: I am wondering if this was a glitch or if someone with a similar name did something bad. I would like to mention that I have been automatically kicked twice after joining server 2 and I have no clue why.

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