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  1. wknd

    Alright. Thank you @[PDE]Scrinn
  2. wknd

    Also I wanted to add that if it helps I can join the voice chat on the discord server if you wish to discuss this with me.
  3. wknd

    These videos are amazing
  4. wknd

    In-Game Name: wknd__ Server 1 or Server 2: 2 (i think) Admin that banned you (If You Know): I'm not even sure who it was. Might have been Simmy he was online then. Ban Length (If You Know): Permanent Reason for your ban (If You Know): Using the macro program that installed on my PC when I plugged in my Razer Mouse. It's called Razer synapse. (Rule #3) Why you wish to be unbanned: I had an idea to use the macro and I was trying it for like 20 minutes last night on the M4A1 before getting caught. I play on your servers like at least 2-3 hours out of every single day. Like I genuinely enjoy coming home after a long shift and playing on your server with my friend. It's one of the only games we find fun and your server is the only populated one. Any other comments: On CS:GO I used to run a deathrun server, I would stop ppl using macros using a server plugin. Idk if it works the same on WAW, never ran my own server on here. Rule #3: No Scroll/Script (this includes macros)/Bind Shooting or Alternating Key Shooting of any kindRule #8: No offensive or racist language
  5. wknd

    Ty @[PDE]PaulKersey
  6. wknd

    In-Game Name: wknd__ Server 1 or Server 2: 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): I'm p sure that the console auto-banned me for saying the "n" word. Ban Length (If You Know): Reason for your ban (If You Know): Racist word. Why you wish to be unbanned: I play on your server with my friend almost every single night. I hop on for about 2 hours before going to sleep and it's the most fun I have all day. Any other comments: I used the word in a friendly mannor. I won't speak in the ingame chat again, this is the only good CODWAW and I don't want 2 lose it.
  7. wknd

    I wont use your ingame chat ever again I legit just wanna play with my friend on ur server
  8. wknd

    Hi there PDG Staff. I was recently banned on one of your COD:WAW servers for slipping out the N word in chat. I rlly love playing on your servers and I hope to be unbanned asap to play there again. Idk if it makes a difference but I spelled it using the "a" at the end and not the "er". Thanks for your time. Regards, Wknd

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