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  1. What are u scared about bro? I tried telling you that night when this all transpired that they are antagonizing you and you freaking out and staying on the server was only making it worse. Are you scared that the police are gonna come knock on your door? they aren't. trust me. distance yourself from this forum and the server, mang. shit is wacky and you need to get yr head straight

    n-Game Name: pyrosheep Server 1 or Server 2: #2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Don_torogoz Ban Length (If You Know): No idea Reason for your ban (If You Know): I was messing around with Don like i always do, called him a puta twice cos i always do that whenever i see him. Then i got warned by him for that (when the fuck did he get admin powers?) and warned like 5 times in the span of 30 seconds for nothing and then I got banned. I suspect he kept warning me cos I kept asking if i was tripping/when the fuck did Don_torogoz the self declared nazi get admin powers? Can people pay for powers? AM I actually tripping? What is this plane of existence? He did this to someone else too while this was all happening and they got banned right before me for what seemed like nothing. Why you wish to be unbanned: Becuase i stopped calling him names after the initial warning and then he kept spamming the warnings cos i was confused as fuck asking what the fuck is going on. Seriously, what the f???? HOW DID HE GET ADMIN POWERS?? Any other comments: DON_TORGOZ IS A SELF DECLARED NAZI, FOR REAL.


    pyrosheep's Membership Yo whaddup. I'm here. Name: EIn-game Name: pyrosheepCountry: USACity: BostonAge: 22Do You Have Any Other Games?: Yeah a bunch, I mostly play WaW though. I like dungeon crawlers though, and RPGs, even though I don't have the time to drop in them.How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: Since August of last yearWhat are you good at? Any game skills? I'm an artist and musician. Game skills? I play for fun, l love the server and the people on it so.....Introduce Yourself: Whats up, pyrosheep here. I play on the US WaW server every day. What do you think about PDG?: Best servers on WaW (where tf are the Cod4 servers? lol)

    pyrosheep's Ban appeal In-Game Name: pyrosheep Server 1 or Server 2: 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): N/a Ban Length (If You Know): N/a Reason for your ban (If You Know): I assume it was because I was spamming dumb, delusional messages last night Why you wish to be unbanned: I have a personality disorder and unfortunately had an episode while playing last night on the server. I really enjoy playing on the server and would hate if this was the reason why I couldn't play any more. I get into states of manic psychosis and occasionally go into tirades of delusional grandeur proportions. I don't even really remember what was said, just that I wasn't in control and am embarrassed about it. Any other comments: I hope I didn't offend anyone and didn't cause too much of a stir. I'm usually pretty good at keeping these things in check. I forgot to take my anti psychotics last night and I think this is what attributed to this breakdown.

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