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  1. Peguins

    I did not donate to try and keep breaking rules.So far I have been trying my best to not pick rifles up off the ground.Sometimes can be hard when more than 1 gun is in the same spot. I donated because I have played on the server for awhile now and I came across some extra money and thought it would.I know the timing looks odd but I planned to donate before I got banned the 4th time and wanted to make sure I could still play if I was going to donate.
  2. Peguins

    Thought I would donate for the first time after playing on the server for over a year now.
  3. Peguins

    n-Game Name:Peguins Server 1 or Server 2: server 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): scrinn Ban Length (If You Know): perm ban Reason for your ban (If You Know): Using 2 fingers to shoot rifles at a high speed. Why you wish to be unbanned: Rule 3 does not state that using 2 fingers is not allowed.Talked to the admin Scrinn and he explained the rule to me.we talked about my ban and I accepted a gun restriction to not use rifles at all. I fully understand that this is my very last chance to play on the server.Anymore usage of rifles with the combination of using 2 fingers to shoot and I am gone.I do apologize for the time I have wasted and the issues I have caused. Any other comments: Few things I need to know.I understand I am restricted from any rifles.Does this mean if I run out of ammo and that if I pick a rifle up off the ground that I must just die or can I play till I die?Pistols I can shoot just as fast as the rifles.Does this restrict me from pistols as well?Going forward I will 100% follow the rules and my gun restriction.Hope to be back on the server soon to drop some dogs and massive kills with a smg and jugg! Thanks for reading and the consideration!
  4. In-Game Name:Peguins Server 1 or Server 2:Server 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): I am unsure.Says I am perm banned (Must have been while I was not online) Ban Length (If You Know): Perm Ban Reason for your ban (If You Know): I have zero clue what I was banned for. Why you wish to be unbanned: I have played on this server for awhile now I follow the rules like everyone else.Friendly good player who likes world at war and enjoy playing some of the other players on the server.Its a active server that is fun to play. Any other comments: I do have a fast trigger finger that has gotten me banned plenty of times before this ban.Was always unbanned and told I was good to go.Also had a note put in under my account by another admin that I was not cheating (Using a macro or scroll wheel of any kind) Video proof on the website itself and can start streaming my game play and can post proof again if needed.Just going to be honest, I am tired of being banned over and over and over again.Its getting old and something needs to be done within staff to prevent this issue going forward.I like the server I want to donate but the constant bans keeps my money in my pocket because nothing has been done about this issue.I always tone down the fast trigger finger for newer players when a sale is going on or if no other good players are on the server.I only shoot 11 to 12cps using a butterfly method on my mouse when the comp is high on the server.This is not the only game not the only server that I have had this issue with.I have already been perm banned from almost every world at war server that is active over this issue.If I do not get unbanned on this server then this game will be unplayable for me (Other than zombies).I have never cheated on the server.I rarely get a warning over speech in chat.Lets figure this out speak to me about what the concerns are!
  5. Peguins

    Ban appeal 3 In-Game Name:Peguins Server 1 or Server 2: server 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Dancingmad Ban Length (If You Know): temp or perm not sure at this point anymore Reason for your ban (If You Know): rule 3 script shooting or wheel bind/ macro Why you wish to be unbanned: clearly not cheating as I have been through this twice now and I even posted proof last time. ( Will post again ) Any other comments: Admin who banned me does not check forums and told me he did not care to check my proof after I told him in game I was legit and had been through this more than once already. @Chester Can you help me so this does not happen anymore?
  6. Peguins

    Yes I use to fingers to shoot looks weird but produces results if you can learn it and learn to aim with it.I have razer deathadder elite as well first mouse I ever bought got it back in 2017.
  7. Peguins

    here is a youtube video of me playing on sever 1 shooting like I have been with my hand included to show how its done.
  8. Peguins

    I also cannot provide both the recording and hand movments because I cant record both at the same time.I can record on my phone showing me shooting then switch to my computer screen shooting.Or I can try to get a family member to record over my shoulder showing both at the same time but it will be bad quality.its the best I can provide. @Chester
  9. Peguins

    ah I have no idea how to do that
  10. Peguins

    Server ip for the pez bots?
  11. Peguins

  12. Peguins

    Ban Appeal V2 In-Game Name:Peguins Server 1 or Server 2: Server 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Chester Ban Length (If You Know): second rule 3 ban not sure how long I am banned for Reason for your ban (If You Know): speculation of breaking rule 3 Why you wish to be unbanned: I can prove I am not cheating/Breaking any rules.If I need to record me playing and my hand movements on my mouse to show how I am shooting so fast I can do so. Any other comments: This is getting out of hand with this second ban in like a 2 week span.I am a legit player who has been on the server for over a year now and never had a issue till my first ban on October 26th for the same reason and by the same admin.
  13. Peguins

    Why you wish to be unbanned: I can provide proof of how I can shoot as fast as I do with a rifle.On top of this I do enjoy playing on the server have been playing on the server for I think a year and a half now on and off taking small breaks here and there.I normally dont use a rifle but wanted to try it out tonight.I havent had any issues till today and I made a mistake Ill admit it.
  14. Peguins

    Ban Appeal In-Game Name: Peguins Server 1 or Server 2: 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Chester I think Ban Length (If You Know): Think its a 1 day or perm not sure Reason for your ban (If You Know): Scrolling/macro/wheel bind rule 3 I think it is. Why you wish to be unbanned: I can provide proof of how I can shoot as fast as I do with a rifle. Any other comments: I can show proof of how I shoot as fast as I do and what a macro would look like compared to my fingers pressing the left mouse button. I did use my macro for 1 game but stopped after that 1 game.Please let me know how long my ban is and what I can do to help myself and help you guys understand.Thankyou and have a nice day/night

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