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  1. itsdays

    could be a shadowban. ive never done anything to prompt a ban so id really love to be unbanned
  2. itsdays

    I appreciate the response but I try to connect and it says I am permanently banned idk why
  3. itsdays

    In-Game Name: MarvDays Server 1, 2, or 3: 1/2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): no idea Ban Length (If You Know): perma Reason for your ban (If You Know): Cant connect perma banned for some odd reason Why you wish to be unbanned: I wanna play on the only good server on world at war, cant connect says im perma banned for no reason at all Any other comments: Was trying to connect realized I was perma banned for absolutely zero reason an would like an unban so I can play the game

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