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  1. Wouldnt mind adding Vampyr to my collection
  2. Hi there, Your best option would be to make a ban appeal in the appropriate section using this template (Click here) Even if you don't think you're banned, it'll give us the proper information needed to find a solution to your problem. Thanks
  3. Good to hear. Happy gaming!
  4. Your best option would be to make a ban appeal. Even if you do not have any active bans, it gives us information that we need to help you. Post it in the appropriate section following the template found below and we'll do our best to find a solution for you so you can go back to playing on the servers.
  5. Lately there has been an influx of players who do these things. While most do get banned, some of those players are still there, thus allowing them to continue playing on the server. Our policies still remain the same, anyone breaking any server rule(s) will be dealt with accordingly. If there is an admin present in the server, these rule breakers are dealt with immediately so that the experience for the other players in the server is not ruined. However, admins are not always present so this is where we could use the help of you and other players in the server. If you ever suspect
  6. I mainly played in the competitive playlist. I stopped though as the controller users and the aim assist they get was making the game not fun for me as a KB+M user.
  7. I for one am against this as I dont play CoD for its realistic properties, nor would I want a game like this TO BE realistic. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. CoD has been and will always be an arcade shooter. It's a game you play when you want to shut your brain off and just have fun using whatever tactics/weapons you want. So trying to introduce realism into it probably wont end well (case and point MW 2019). Also, PDG is known for its vanilla servers and has been that way for a very long time so introducing something as drastic as this is not a good idea. I feel like this would also int
  8. That framerate though I feel like 27 FPS is higher than what you normally get on Dome.
  9. As of right now I use Chrome. I've only ever used Explorer, Safari (as I own a 2012 MacBook Pro but even on that I currently use Chrome), and a small amount of FireFox when it was relatively new and of those Chrome had the best performance which is why I still use it. However, my main gripe with Chrome is the fact that it uses quite a bit of RAM. Edge Dev looks clean, maybe I'll make the switch and join you on that browser as well.
  10. There are perks like bomb squad/flakjacket/tossback to counter betties and martyrdom.
  11. Hahah yea you meet some unique individuals late at night.
  12. Ooooh I absolutely LOVE that one! 😍
  13. I definitely would not be opposed to the new theme, it looks really good with the colour choices and it’s super clean like Simmy said. +1 from me on making it the new theme. Job well done Scrinn!
  14. Now you can play WaW again to switch it up instead of playing CoD4 against bots all the time! 😀
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