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  1. I think I've seen @Nicktator mention that he uses the CD version... maybe he can bring some insight to this??
  2. I really haven't been around or done much gaming in the past two months so maybe its changed a bit?? but from the last time I was on S3 I remember thinking there was too much TDM. It seemed like every other match was TDM while I was there to play objective based games. I realize its like that because some folks prefer a smaller player count for TDM, but to have it every other game seems a bit too much when the main draw is WAR and other objective matches. Personally, for TDM, I like having a full server, and my ping is much lower on S2, so whenever I'm on S3 and TDM comes up, I usually just
  3. I usually try to step it up a notch for duels! 💪😎
  4. @[PDE]Scrinn you left at the right time
  5. I think EX-LAX needs to come up with a new approach for playing on Station 🤣
  6. just tryna make @[PDE]Embahh look bad 😂
  7. I got Random Access Memories the day it came out in 2013 I took 300mg of vitamin E I had been saving and was rolling hard. My mind basically exploded when I first heard 'Touch.' It was a great experience 😬😎 Bonus: I remember geeking out when I found this soul train mashup. its fits so perfect. That Ronald Mcdonald motherfucker in the red/yellow is killing it in the beginning!
  8. This is a live album, not just one song so I won't be upset if nobody checks it out. But its pretty dope, its like one long song. when I mute the game and just spray SMGs like a maniac this is one thing i like to listen to @[PDE]ZukoFire might be interested in this one if not familiar with it already
  9. well you're in luck Big Time Simmy Sim. There are always plenty of TDM players who flock to objective based games to work on the ole' KDR. So you can stop by and give them your regards from time to time 😂
  10. closest match i've had, from last year.
  11. Disagree here. Its really helpful for rooting out campers if you can manage to just bum rush into their spot True, but thats the price you pay unfortunately. You know they're there and they're going to fuck you. This game's marty grenades have a longer fuse and a lot less power than other titles like MW and MW2 so it personally doesn't bother me too much and I don't feel too bad for those who can't avoid them, even when its myself sometimes. which is why i like to use it. I usually have about 20 deaths per game, sometimes less sometimes more, so is it really helping
  12. nah. everyone would spam it w/ overkill perk edit: nvm you cant double up on them. thinking of CoD4. still no on the rifle grenades tho. Bazookas are not nearly the same as the launcher. You'd definitely have to remove betties or something to make it somewhat feasible.
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