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  1. the_slim_reefer

    I think EX-LAX needs to come up with a new approach for playing on Station
  2. the_slim_reefer

    just tryna make @[PDE]Embahh look bad
  3. the_slim_reefer

    I got Random Access Memories the day it came out in 2013 I took 300mg of vitamin E I had been saving and was rolling hard. My mind basically exploded when I first heard 'Touch.' It was a great experience Bonus: I remember geeking out when I found this soul train mashup. its fits so perfect. That Ronald Mcdonald motherfucker in the red/yellow is killing it in the beginning!
  4. the_slim_reefer

    This is a live album, not just one song so I won't be upset if nobody checks it out. But its pretty dope, its like one long song. when I mute the game and just spray SMGs like a maniac this is one thing i like to listen to @[PDE]ZukoFire might be interested in this one if not familiar with it already
  5. the_slim_reefer

    well you're in luck Big Time Simmy Sim. There are always plenty of TDM players who flock to objective based games to work on the ole' KDR. So you can stop by and give them your regards from time to time
  6. the_slim_reefer

    closest match i've had, from last year.
  7. the_slim_reefer

    Disagree here. Its really helpful for rooting out campers if you can manage to just bum rush into their spot True, but thats the price you pay unfortunately. You know they're there and they're going to fuck you. This game's marty grenades have a longer fuse and a lot less power than other titles like MW and MW2 so it personally doesn't bother me too much and I don't feel too bad for those who can't avoid them, even when its myself sometimes. which is why i like to use it. I usually have about 20 deaths per game, sometimes less sometimes more, so is it really helping me vs steady aim? no not really. Its more amusing to me as someone who watches the killcam tho and seeing the killscore pop up. People whine when I've had steady aim on, people whine when I have marty; they're going to whine no matter what. I already hit on this, but again CoD4 grenades are basically mini-nukes. They're much more powerful, they have a shorter fuse, and the maps are smaller. I totally agree with disabling them on that game. It shouldn't help good players. Good players don't need the help, they already have the advantage over lesser players. Players like Fragimus and ZefrTV come in and clear out the server sometimes because they're so far above almost everyone else. Take out marty and the lesser players who DO stick around, are less inclined to do stick it out. Frag and Zefr will literally clear the lobbies without martyrdom. So yea, it does exist to give cheap kills to bad players. so what? would you rather have no players at all? If it bruises your ego that a lesser player can get a cheap kill on you, then too bad, thats what its there for. You already have the skill advantage over them. You need to give these players SOME incentive to stick around. They manage to hang in there going 18-45, I think you can deal with a few marty deaths while going 55-18
  8. the_slim_reefer

    nah. everyone would spam it w/ overkill perk edit: nvm you cant double up on them. thinking of CoD4. still no on the rifle grenades tho. Bazookas are not nearly the same as the launcher. You'd definitely have to remove betties or something to make it somewhat feasible.
  9. the_slim_reefer

  10. the_slim_reefer

  11. the_slim_reefer

    @asdf mohammad It is being moved, as per the messages in this very thread
  12. the_slim_reefer

  13. the_slim_reefer

  14. the_slim_reefer

    nice. you're supposed to type "QUUAADDDDDDD" or something in the chat when that happens. This applies to grenade tosses as well. You don't have to though, but its like throwing an octopus on the ice at a hockey game.
  15. the_slim_reefer

    Not at the expense of lowering the player count on one of the servers. Each one serves different player bases due to location; so one group would probably be against it. I would love it there were a third server with the lower player count and mixed game modes. But, as you said, if we're only scraping by to pay for two, adding a third would probably not work. There are times that both servers are full, so I think there would be a demand for it. Its kind of surprising to me that there aren't more donations given the amount of players, obviously everyone is living in a different situation and it isn't always viable; but i see CoD4 servers that are basically dead (6v6 peak times) that have donations paid through until April of next year already. I guess I'm lucky I'm in a decent situation, but I don't mind throwing in $15 or $20 a month if serious discussion around this develops; its at least a consistent monthly donation that can be relied upon. I've bounced around the last few years as servers I played on regularly have all closed (CoD4 mostly) so i don't mind chipping in where others might not be able to.

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