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  1. Nicktator

    Some good games from tonight. Check out that Garand run on Castle @SockItToYa
  2. Nicktator

    I'm going to hearken back to the days of 2013 Facebook "like for like" statuses by saying I don't know you very well, but you seem pretty chill. So yeah, come on board
  3. Nicktator

    To answer your original question, I'm from New Jersey lol
  4. Nicktator

    Yeah I'm playing on a laptop because I'm at school. I don't know what the GPU is but the laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 3000. I'm surprised I'm able to run games on it; it runs CoD 4 very smoothly and War Thunder pretty well on lowered graphics. World at War is the only game that this laptop gives me grief on, which I don't understand since WaW and CoD 4 are very similar. Performance wise it's not sluggish, it's just choppy and it jumps around a lot. Often it will freeze randomly and I'll have to do a Ctrl, Alt, Delete sequence to unfreeze it. It's annoying but I can still play so I don't really care that much. It's usually like mid 20s or lower on Dome. Knee Deep is another map that is bad, as is Makin/Makin Day. Even on the most lowered settings possible it's still between 25-30. I think I showed you my frames from when I was home and it was like 50 or 60. I don't know if that's good or bad but that's what I play on when I'm home and I have zero problems with it; it's as smooth as can be.
  5. Nicktator

    Best game on the laptop so far Peep my frames @SockItToYa
  6. Nicktator

    Double is the only way to be up front and aggressive with the BAR.
  7. Nicktator

    Made the cut @SolsticeT
  8. Nicktator

    Idk it was a really lucky round for me I guess. I was just shy of 70 -_-
  9. Nicktator

    Solid game tonight
  10. Nicktator

    That is very fuego. Looks very streamlined and retro
  11. Nicktator

    He kicked me over banter too. Everyone knows I like to talk shit in good humor. It's whatever though, I know the boundaries and limits and such.
  12. Nicktator

    Ok thank you. I'll get around to it once I get back home
  13. Nicktator

    Still gonna rope you in to play with some bots!!
  14. Nicktator

    And I'd just replace the new steam CoDWaW Players folder with my original players folder?

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