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  1. Well I used to, but then my computer's disk tray broke so I haven't actually used the CD itself in months. I just access the client through the files. As far as wolf's problem goes i don't know, I'm not good with computers unfortunately
  2. So I got it a few days ago and have been playing it since. Really enjoying it. The level of realism and immersion is astounding. Maps are gorgeous too. It really feels like your pushing through France in 1944. Only issues are some FPS performance but that's being experienced across the board by everyone and the devs acknowledged that and are working on better optimization. My desktop isn't anywhere near a hardcore gaming level, but I get a generally smooth performance on medium graphics. Really loving this game so far and I'm excited for what will come in future updates
  3. What is the secret to arty placement? I need to know...
  4. How is that even humanly possible?
  5. Some good games and a rando picture because it's pretty dope that some of the character models have aviators lol
  6. That dude is so predictable. Too easy
  7. Has anyone played Hell Let Loose? I'm interested in getting it but I just want to know how it floats with people who have played it
  8. Be Quiet and Drive by Deftones. I don't listen to much Deftones stuff though i do want to get into them. I can't get enough of this riff though. It's straight up FIRE.
  9. I'm not exaggerating with this one. This was THE GREATEST game I have EVER played in this godforsaken game. Up until this point I think the most I had ever gotten was 10? Went 14-3 here. 99% of these kills were achieved through single shots. I tore it up. Order in which I used my tanks: M26 > M4A3 > M4A1 > M4A2
  10. This is awesome! Great news! Psssh. Gaaaaaaaaaaay
  11. Some good games from tonight. Check out that Garand run on Castle @SockItToYa
  12. I'm going to hearken back to the days of 2013 Facebook "like for like" statuses by saying I don't know you very well, but you seem pretty chill. So yeah, come on board
  13. Yeah I'm playing on a laptop because I'm at school. I don't know what the GPU is but the laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 3000. I'm surprised I'm able to run games on it; it runs CoD 4 very smoothly and War Thunder pretty well on lowered graphics. World at War is the only game that this laptop gives me grief on, which I don't understand since WaW and CoD 4 are very similar. Performance wise it's not sluggish, it's just choppy and it jumps around a lot. Often it will freeze randomly and I'll have to do a Ctrl, Alt, Delete sequence to unfreeze it. It's annoying but I can still play so I don't really

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