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^5 david slayer

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  1. Hmm. well, luckily for me i went back to windows 7 in October. cause updating windows 10 broke 1 game, & i couldn't uninstall updates. so, i have TSC 3.32 mhz. but only having 60hz monitor is really dragging my ability down in demanding games, seems like everyone has one, and the game i play mostly now, cod ww2 is very unforgiving to 60hz. the kill cams aren't smooth and show most players stuttering/lagging around, even with good ping.. world at war is much nicer to me.
  2. thank you zuko for caring enough to do all this. i appreciate it at least. ~ i have my own DPC, etc problems in latencymon, but i am too lazy to talk about it, or spend all day trying to fix them. it doesn't affect my games really at all, but i just need a whole new computer, & get out of 2011-2014..
  3. ^5 david slayer

    you have good taste, Paul. - chrome is just really inconvenient to me. no proper menu bar, and a few other things with view, & settings i like.
  4. ^5 david slayer

    i use firefox, and pale moon. never 1 problem. my firefox uses like 2 gbs normally. i have 13 addons, but i also set my transfer, & receive buffers higher in network adapter settings, so it holds that in cache, & uses more memory. if you guys want to try a different chromium based browser look up "Brave".
  5. ^5 david slayer

    probably reload canceling.. i know it's tough when the other games with no rules let you do whatever.
  6. ^5 david slayer

    shake it!
  7. ^5 david slayer

    thanks, hero.!
  8. ^5 david slayer

    damn he's terrible. either he's lagging, or he doesn't know how to set the bot up..
  9. ^5 david slayer

    oh okay, cool. - i'm guessing that means same company..
  10. ^5 david slayer

    what happened, or why ? -if there's anything special to say.
  11. ^5 david slayer

    CoD 1 - Ctan 2019 :) ------------------------------
  12. ^5 david slayer

    hmm okay. i would try playing when they aren't online i guess.. (you can check before going in servers).
  13. ^5 david slayer

    potential problem is, it didn't seem like it was intentionally sexual, i forget the rest of the name, but 'cum' was in the middle, and it looked foreign, so it could mean anything. what i'm thinking it really comes down to: the bot auto kicking them with message like 20 times was more annoying than the name. so, chuck. a person is kicking you out, or the bot ?
  14. ^5 david slayer

    i was playing early morning and someone kept trying to play, and gettting auto kicked for "cum" in his name.
  15. ^5 david slayer

    looks good. ~~~~~~~~ just curious it looks like you're using 2 fingers on shoot. ? i just tried and it's awkward, mostly cause my fingers don't fit. - what mouse is that ?

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