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  1. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Agree with Farryn
  2. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    How about NO! Bad idea alot of ppl wouldn't agree with it. Using whatever weapons you want in any combination is a BIG reason both PDG servers on WaW are so popular.
  3. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    What WaW server do you play? I stick to server 2, don't remember ever meeting you. Seem pretty cool and skilled with html etc.
  4. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Hi Soltice, some ppl don't get that carbines on PC version shoot as fast as you can click compared to other platforms. Also if you have a mouse designed for gaming instead of a regular mouse it could give you better handling. Ignore the whinners, most of them are just wanting to stir sh!t up. If anything the reload cancel is the biggest problem right now, so many people when using a submachine gun or carbine. Was on yesterday saw 7 ppl in one match continuously reloaf cancel with those weapons.
  5. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Keep dome the way it is. People dont have to play that map if they dont like it, can wait for the next one. Don't need any special modifications for certain maps. Maybe change seelow to ctf and make downfall headquarters if there are alot of people looking for a change. Rest of the maps are fine the way they are.
  6. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    A great WaW player, always carnage when Sock's there!
  7. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Thank you everyone!!
  8. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Thank you Kokomaaab!
  9. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Thank you Zuko!
  10. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    FedaykinLou Application Good day! Name: LucasIn-game Name: FedaykinLouCountry: CanadaCity: TorontoAge: 30Do You Have Any Other Games?: Yes, I play Cod WaW the most (981hrs at time of this post, of that 730.13hrs on PDG #2 Server). I also play: Cod Advanced Warfare, Cod Ghosts, Mortal Kombat X, Helldivers, Halo Master Chief Collection, Doom, Chivalry, Hitman Absolution, Aliens vs Predator, Magicka, Day of Defeat, Tiberian Sun, Command and Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath and any of the Age of Empire games. How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: I have been playing on the PDE Servers for about 3 years now, mainly Server #2 What are you good at? Any game skills? I like strategy games (Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Age of Empires back in the day) as well as FPS. Introduce Yourself: Hi, some of you have probably seen me on Cod Waw PDE Server #2. i speak only English but am learning German and Hungarian. I am a huge DUNE fan, can't wait for the new movie. I am also a huge fan of Vikings, I have met some of the cast, own a replica axe and norse sword from the show and won a fan contest to be part of a promo video for the final season, airing now on tv (the promo is on youtube). I am a big movie buff, own quite a few and seen many, as well as stay up to date with news and announcements for all new ones coming. What do you think about PDG?: First off I love the WaW servers, great, friendly, fun. Amazing job to all involved with running, maintaining and monitoring the servers. I have donated once already to help do my part in supporting servers that I love and play quite frequently. I plan on donating again soon. The community seems really friendly and very approachable, offering assistance when asked. Thank you for the opportunity and consideration. Skol!
  11. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Donation In-Game Name: FedaykinLou Server user ID (If obtainable): Hi everyone, been playing both WaW servers for a few years now so I thought I'd do my part from up in Canada and donate $15 to support the servers. Cheers!
  12. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Thanks for the list Paul! Very happy that if Server 2 is full I will be able to play still untill a spot opens up Server 2
  13. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    So, people that complain in game about the M1A1 shooting too fast are probably playing on Xbox or Playstation which caps the fire rate for them? Sorry it's just that recently I have noticed alot of people commenting on that during matches. Cheers
  14. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    M1A1 Carabine Fire Rate How fast does the M1A1 Carabine fire? I find it shoots really fast, fastest of all rifles and thats without double tap.
  15. [PDG]FedaykinLou

    Hello, my name is Lucas, I'm 27 and from central Canada eh. I love WaW and have been playing strictly on both the PDE servers since starting multiplayer a year and a half ago. Love the servers, was happy to find some with active communities. I like turkey hunting, hockey and am a huge fan of Dune.

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