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  1. DiddyDooDoo

    Many thanks man
  2. DiddyDooDoo

    Hey guys, My account resets itself every once in a while and it's getting really frustrating. Lost full prestige like two or three times now, which I don't care too much about but still - it was a decent amount of work. Was just wondering if any of you had any idea why this might be happening, or if there's any way to recover data. Thanks.
  3. DiddyDooDoo

    Man I love it so much, the gameplay is so rapid and vicious. I've never played console versions, tend to stick to the PC, but yeah it's my all-time favourite.
  4. DiddyDooDoo

    I'll make sure to, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for hackers Thanks man, that's nice of you to say!
  5. DiddyDooDoo

    Well lads, My name is Seán and I'm 19. I'm from the south of Ireland, specifically Tipperary (the one they have that bad song about) and I play World at War a fair amount. Hopefully this'll be the breeding ground for some long-lasting friendships! Great to be a part of the community.
  6. Name: Seán GlasheenIn-game Name: DiddyDooDooCountry: IrelandCity: Tipperary/GalwayAge: 19Do You Have Any Other Games?: Plenty, but for a long while I've just been concentrating on World at War. My favourite game ever would have to be Unreal Tournament.Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield 1? Maybe, if I get money soon. So realistically no.How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: I've been playing the PDE servers on and off for a couple years, I suppose. It's only during the last year PDE has really become my go-to server.What are you good at? Any game skills? I don't like sitting in one place because I usually don't have the patience and I get bored, so I tend to run around a lot with a type 100 or an STG. I like to think I'm pretty handy with those, and I go through phases with bolt-actions as well. I used to be great at using the revolver as my main weapon but I haven't done it in a while so I'm shaky right now, trying to get back into it though.Introduce Yourself: I'm a student, doing Creative Writing. I like gaming, writing, reading, listening to music. I've a Spanish girlfriend (surely that's a point for me), an Irish appetite (Guinness), and an embarrassingly receding hairline that I hide with a hat. I guess that's all the important stuff.What do you think about PDE?: The server is great, genuinely my favourite. It gets the best players personality-wise and gaming-wise, the admins are sound as a bell, and I'm dying to become a bigger part of the community. Gonna go play it now, actually. Thanks for reading, guys. Go me!

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