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  1. ohhhh this is awesome! this should be fun!
  2. DaB3aR

    Saw The Slim Reefers' close game and I remembered I had this game.
  3. DaB3aR

    I've been good so far. I tend to watch YouTube or anime all day along side playing games. Playing with friends either irl ones or ones I met online really makes the time pass. I do miss going to my college campus a bit but it ain't nothing for me to go crazy about. Just gotta bide time as long as we need to. The people panic buying do make me mad though, like just calm down the world isn't ending, just buy what you need.
  4. DaB3aR

    Ive been enjoying it. Its something to do between classes or when im bored.
  5. DaB3aR

    I enjoy the servers because of a few things. One is I've met a lot of cool people that also play on the PDE servers that i enjoy playing with or against. Its always good fun to see someone that I know and have a good time. Another thing I enjoy is the server size. I know people complain about having too many people but I find it a lot of fun. Whether I'm smg running and gunning or running around with a bolt (occasional shotgun), its fun to have a lot of targets to shoot at. I also enjoy knowing that the server is run by people who I know enforce the rules. If there's a hacker I know they will be dealt with either I notice them or someone else will. I don't like crouch/tactical servers so I don't hop on those, but to be honest the PDE servers were probably the first servers i joined and I've just stuck with it. I haven't had any complaint that made me want to find a different server or not play waw anymore. The ping from where I live isn't terrible though I wish I would play on S1 more often but I don't want to bother people with me having an almost 200+ ping. In the end, for me, its the players that I enjoy talking to in game and here on the forums that make me enjoy the game a lot more.
  6. DaB3aR

    Good luck! Have fun an enjoy the experience! I would love to stay on campus at a uni but i live too close to the one i attend so no point in living on campus. Hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
  7. I don't know if i can add this to this post but its relevant to the Casino update and I didn't want to start a whole new post just for this but on my spin today at the casino i won the car, the Thrax. Sucks that i can't upgrade it a lot due to me being a low level but its still awesome!
  8. DaB3aR

    thank you again Zuko
  9. DaB3aR

    welp, hate to bother again, but its saying punkbuster failed
  10. DaB3aR

    Thanks Zuko! worked like a charm
  11. DaB3aR

    I have tried verifying the game files, i also reinstalled the game, same issue. PC specs: Ryzen 5 14000 RX 570 4gb 8gb ddr4 ram My pc is a prebuilt that was on special so i just picked it up so i cant say what motherboard or psu i have but the pc itself is Dell Inspiron 5676 I installed a kingston M.2 ssd to my pc and thats where the game is downloaded to rather than my 1tb hard drive.
  12. DaB3aR

    COD 4 issues So I finally got Cod 4 to play on the servers and after installing it the multiplayer won't run, it just crashes. The single player mode does run and from there i tried going to multiplayer but it just crashes. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it an issue with the game?
  13. DaB3aR

    Happy Birthday!
  14. DaB3aR

    I enjoy all of them, but for me the FG-42 is the best. I've had a lot if fun with it but in close second is the Type-99, such a blast to use it.

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