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  1. Trigun_Vash

    You make a good point about my suggestion to raise the damage profile for the rifles, fair enough. I wasn't "bitching" about campers, i was just offering a suggestion that had been implemented in later games (in one form or another) to great affect. I didn't realise that so many of the suggestions would require mods, im not terribly familiar with the game's engine. Like i say in my comment, i was merely making suggestions based on my limited knowledge. I think the recon plane change would be beneficial. I must say, i still think that there should be a variety of game modes on offer. I know that one could always find another server that does offer these game modes, but surely the point of this discussion is to come up with ideas for changes to PDE servers in order to make them more attractive. If that is the point, as i suspect, then surely a suggestion like that should be embraced and thoroughly considered rather than just saying that other servers offer it? Please don't read my comment as sarcastic or anything, I've limited working knowledge of these servers and im just trying to be helpful and constructive.
  2. Trigun_Vash

    Id like to chip in a couple of ideas. Forgive me if any of these have been discussed before. Increase damage for BAR, DP, most of the rifles Introduce a "cranked"- like mechanic (players cant camp for more than a certain period, otherwise they die) Might be an issue for snipers, but id argue that good snipers tend to move around anyway Allow players to vote for the next map? some players might despise maps like Banzai and prefer maps like Outskirts or Dome Ban Stopping Power, Juggs, Martydom - these are the 3 perks that see the most play and players are almost forced to choose one of the them because game rewards it. Id love to not run Stopping power, but then i would constantly lose firefights to juggs and others with stopping power. Martydom can be dealt with by using Perks, so its not as bad as stopping power and marty, but its still obnoxious. Reduce every players starting health so that the lack of stopping power isnt as big a deal Run different game modes? Id love to see more domination or WAR on servers Change the kill streak requirements to 5 - UAV, 8/9- Arty, 12/13-Dogs. Right now it seems like non-stop UAV spam on some maps. Maybe change up the rewards system a little bit? the money that players earn in-game doesnt do anything currently. I know you dont want to implement mods, but perhaps there is some way for the money to be used? if not, maybe a new rewards system needs to be considered? Introduce bullet drop? this one im not even sure is possible with the games engine. In fact, for some reason i seem to remember a developer saying that they introduced damage ranges because they couldnt introduce bullet-drop and so they needed to compensate. Not sure how true that is, but if its possible to have bullet drop, maybe introduce it? If not, maybe look at altering damage ranges. Im just throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks here. Also, apologies for spelling or grammar errors. Ive just got a new keyboard and ive got to get used to the Cherry MX Red switches (i usually prefer Blues).
  3. Trigun_Vash

    In-Game Name: RottenCheese Server user ID (If obtainable): No Idea, sorry about that. More than happy to donate to help out. I hope we can get a WAR server going at some point.
  4. Trigun_Vash

    HI all, Im really enjoying MW right now, though i wish they'd bring back Shipment! Anyone want to add me on COD MW im on PC... my name on there is DatNotRightMan
  5. Trigun_Vash

    Anyone else starting to go mad with quarantine? even with video games and online streaming, im starting to lose my marbles. Anyone else in the same boat?
  6. Trigun_Vash

    HI all,. Some of you may know me at BlackAdder, Trigun_Vash, or RottenCheese. I am an ex British Army soldier and current chemistry teacher, ive been playing WaW on PDE servers since 2014, ive known some of you from before you joined PDE so dont be confused if i know you and you dont recognize me. I love cod WaW, Chemistry, History, and all things guns! ill be happy to debate anyone of the latter, and educate on the former. Ive been playing WaW on-and- off since it first came out, and ive played every COD (good or bad) since. I hope you will all get to know me better and ill make some friends!
  7. Trigun_Vash

    Hello all! Vash is the name, playing COD is my game. I usually annoy GOGO on COD:WAW, but i thought it'd be great if i came on here to chat and whatnot. If you see me on your servers playing WAW, dont be afraid to say hi. Im usually good for a laugh (gogo can vouch for that(maybe)). Im a 25 year old Brit (dont hold that against me). Peace!

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