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  1. Mike_J92

    My friend caught my roadrage moment in Warzone, thought I would share the only reason why I got the guy was because of my lag, I basically clipped that truck into a train wagon
  2. Mike_J92

    Wish my pc wasnt a PoS right now so I could experience it. still nice ot see it happen!
  3. this is how you turn the game into instagib since these already have high damage bitching about campers is not killing campers, do one or the other other suggestions require mods which makes me wonder if you dont want to just play a different game I do support idea of Recon Plane being 5 kills tho, but not sure if its doable
  4. its designed to be a crutch so less skilled players can score some nasty kills, servers became less populated when it was disabled before so it should stay both are crutches for less skilled players to buff their abysmal aim and can be used to buff trash weapons. downside is that skilled players can destroy servers with these. toss back is literally free kills on maps with crazy fights like courtyard, dome, subpens etc. good players dont need steady aim to drop you at close range, note people like Snap who will dodge your bullets and stab you in the neck or Viper who will just set you on fire. once you play the game enough to disregard stopping power, Jugg and steady aim, and start using other perks, thats when you actually get good and understand the joys of tactical options that open for you. here are some perks you should try: FIREWORKS - your explosives suddenly become much deadlier, combine with tossback for max fun CAMOUFLAGE - tired of recon plane being up 24/7 on large maps? this will help DOUBLE TAP - apart from increased firerate, it also increases bullets being loaded on bolt action rifles, pumpshotgun and it increases fire rate on semi autos SLEIGHT OF HAND - great for guns that are deadly but hindered by small mag sizes or long reloads: DP-28, BAR, mp40, double barrel shotty etc DEEP IMPACT - my go to on big caliber guns, walls become paper EXTREME CONDITIONING - ever wanted to surprise some people with some sneaky backstabs? works great with camouflage TOSS BACK - free kills on nade heavy maps DEAD SILENCE - full ninja mode when combined with camouflage, run behind enemy lines and make their snipers curse your name in chatbox
  5. Mike_J92

    all of this is still hilarious to me, especially when people complain about being stuck at home dont you have a family to interact? hobbies to partake in? book/tv/game backlog to work on? housework to do? cmon folks
  6. Mike_J92

    pretty much
  7. 40 player dome is already a shitshow, dont need it to get even worse
  8. Mike_J92

    mp40 has higher recoil, thompson is almost the same as type100, but biggest difference is that it has less ammo when you compare drum mag vs box mag
  9. how about no? not only it cant be done without mods, it also prevents this server from being as close to vanila as you can be.
  10. Mike_J92

    have this sick tune
  11. thanks mate! I really need these on my 7 year old machine to play 11 year old game
  12. Mike_J92

    loving BAR with double tap, my go to loadout when I wanna have some fun and server is not packed
  13. they are doubling down on nostalgia new movement on rust works great tho, map layout is mostly the same but all the mantling, sliding and super sprint let you reach more places, plays great.
  14. reload canceling is not allowed on machineguns and snipers, other guns are fair game
  15. Mike_J92

    how the hell do you keep k/d that high on subpens map?

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