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  1. pikachu23

    I think it would be a great idea but i feel like it would be harder to manage than the normal servers. also if that ends up happening ill see if i can pull any money together to help pay for it.
  2. pikachu23

    its all good and the readon you are banned is for uh. gassin your team lol. it says its a perm too
  3. pikachu23

    just so you know i didnt ban you and also i cant perm ban anyone
  4. pikachu23

    K so first of all. i didn't call you any names you were the one clearly saying everything to me. if you have the screen shots you said you were gonna take it will clearly show i said nothing like that. second. i didnt spam kick you i kicked you every time you said something rude. also its she thanks.
  5. pikachu23

    What kind of bad language did you use?
  6. pikachu23

    So first, your were banned for i'm pretty sure a day. and second that isn't what you said. you said "FUCK YOU NIGGA". if you had said it thoughtlessly then you should really start thinking about the things you say. if you decide to come back and get unbanned you need to follow all the rules.
  7. pikachu23

    good job on your appeal just try to follow the rules okay?
  8. pikachu23

    i cant think of a way to test if your clean or not without a drug test but that takes a few weeks
  9. pikachu23

    your not being treated like shit your just getting upset because something was taken from you and you cant have your way. i used to be the same way but ii dont act like that anymore
  10. pikachu23

    omg haha
  11. pikachu23

    well considering i was the one who banned you good luck trying to get this taken care of with that attitude and just so you know zuko is an amazing person there is no need to hate him
  12. pikachu23

    well whats funny about that is you weren't banned for no reason
  13. pikachu23

    you do know that if you wouldve come clean with what you did you could have had a possibility to be unbanned right?
  14. pikachu23

    oh that sucks. our server is 100% not fake.
  15. pikachu23

    what are all fake. the servers?

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