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  1. Ariana_

    Fall Out Boy + Twenty One Pilots + Imagine Dragons, Spotify playlist of their various songs: boop! Anyone else listen to em?
  2. Ariana_

    Welcome to PDE
  3. Ariana_

    Awesome and no problem^^
  4. Ariana_

    Don't know if you guys are looking for icons or anything like that but if you are I'd be more than happy to do some digital art for you. Best at pixel art and designing icons, banners or titles. Thanks
  5. Ariana_

    Also with respect to the discussion of bouncing Bettie's, bomb squad should be run they shouldn't be banned. On gamemodes like S&D its highly unlikely you will need bandolier and if someone is running bomb squad or even flak jacket you'll be fine. I don't feel they're worth banning. Plus if you can tell someone is camping a lot maybe satchel charges or dare I say it the bazooka, satchel charges destroy camping positions. I do think someone with M2 Flamethrower and flak jacket running through buildings would be quite cool though hehe.
  6. Ariana_

    How are the teams arranged? Would we pick or is it random? Also will it just be 2 teams or possibly more?
  7. Ariana_

    to be honest I dont really play competitively just cool thats im "good" at it. mains are maldamba and nando, you?
  8. Ariana_

    Not encountered anything like that since about 3 months ago. I am in the top 0.1% of all players tho so be ready to fight
  9. Ariana_

    Thank you, and that would be great!
  10. I am Ariana_ in game and I play on the PDE W@W #1 Server, on the rare occasion I play on the PDE W@W #2 Server. Outside of CoD W@W I love to play Heroes of the Storm with my younger brother, Paladins, ARPGs and occasionally Overwatch. More about me personally, I'm a trans girl from the United Kingdom, I am 20 years old and my full name is Alexandria Ariana C (don't want to disclose my surname). I am 6 foot 5 inches (too tall I know I hate it) and too skinny. I love all types of music with Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons being my favourite musicians. I use gaming to not think about real life because 3 months ago I got hit off my motorcycle by a camper van and I now have permanent leg, arm and back problems which restrict my work hours and general life really. That's about all I could think of thanks for welcoming me to this group so kindly. I appreciate it. If you wondered Brandy/Brandon is my old name before I transitioned
  11. Ariana_

    That is my paypal yes
  12. Ariana_

    I really enjoy your server its full of lovely people and thank you thats so sweet <3
  13. Ariana_

    Sorry, I didnt mean to sound rude by mentioning the amount that's just what the forums says is for lifetime vip is what I meant. Thanks :3
  14. Ariana_

    In-Game Name: Ariana_ Server ID (If obtainable): edit - we will probably have to change this area. IP not needed. The server is W@W PDE #1 =) I donated 11$ to the server <3

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