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  1. Franc3s

    But going by zukos numbers 1. Makin / Makin Day 2. Knee Deep Already has mode 3. Cliffside 4. Revolution 5. Airfield 6. Roundhouse 7. Station 8. Sup Pens (too small) 9. Upheaval (too small) 10. Hangar (Hangar is bad for game modes, but it doesn't mean we can't try it) 11. Castle 12. Corrosion (too small) 13. Nightfire (Hasn't this been tried @[PDE]Embahh? I don't know) 14. OutSkirts 15. Battery (not good, but up to y'all) 16. Seelow (long map) 17. Breach 18. Courtyard (too small) 19. Dome (lol) 20. DownFall Already has mode 3, 4, 7, 11, 14, 17 are my go
  2. Franc3s

    If you ever said dome.... you need to look at the maps again
  3. Yeah I knew that same engine and all
  4. Fellow friend. Do you think this server will be alive? I've never gave COD 4 a try in my life. Emerald told me to buy it. I'll love to give it a shot
  5. Would be able but gotta config it to 1.7, Just got punkbuster on thou
  6. Own the game literally never play it
  7. Franc3s

    Only 840 Zuko makes mine look trash
  8. Feedback? Seen people not even play Headquarters, in my point of view I don't like it either. The only main issue is PDE 2 gets 'connection interrupted' seen some people say the same thing in the morning, only at certain times of the day "After 12:30 pm Central time zone" it's flawless even thou I lost ping. And increase the player count? no Dome is already too crowded same applies to courtyard, on a 1080ti and lose some fps when it hits max capacity of players. like you said it'd crashed. But war sounds fun I only like domination and sometimes capture the flag I think the only time I played war was when you added it on the server before the one located in Texas really liked it would recommend it. So far I play and talk to new people.
  9. Been playing on the server for 2 years, donator yet still not a vip but oh well still like the classic waw server
  10. Franc3s

    Is it active, I'm literally on bf1 and waw timely.

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