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  1. KnuckI3s

    I see zuko has gottten very close with 207 but is there any higher atm?
  2. KnuckI3s

    Do you think anyone has ever beaten 213 kills in one game?
  3. KnuckI3s

  4. KnuckI3s

    Hello, I am not able to delete them but I can re-add all the servers so its not a huge issue to be honest. I just have 6 favourites that say 0000000000000000. Just strange is all. I believe it might be down to a force quit that happened before the issue but that was not on the main but during a game so who knows.
  5. KnuckI3s

    Anyone have this issue before? I mean I can join using the server browser still.
  6. KnuckI3s

    Link working in the top right https://discord.gg/KBsNtkX
  7. KnuckI3s

    It tells me link has expired can someone give me a new invite code please?
  8. KnuckI3s

    Welcome, Hows cod ww2 holding up nowadays? I played 1 game on the beta and deleted it, It played nothing like WaW which was what I was hoping for should I try and give it another chance or is it a gold camo, no swastika, jetpack fest?
  9. KnuckI3s

    Probably my most played console game, It just seemed there was a friend online anytime i launched it!
  10. KnuckI3s

    I have like 260+ on pc atm and probably close to that on console (played on ps3 and xbox for some reason). I thought 500 hours would be considered a lot lol.
  11. How many hours on WAW do you have? Also have you only played PC or consoles aswell?
  12. KnuckI3s

    I have to be honest, I really haven't ever seen it being abused. With the scope attached it certainly doesn't fit in well with any other gun in the rest of the game but its not overpowered enough to be needing a complete removal. If players are spawn camping and such and doing it to a point it is disturbing others then perhaps a better course of action is to warn / ban players abusing said spots. Alternatively is there perhaps a way to even make the scoped garand a two shot kill? Unless of course its a headshot, personally I think this would be a better solution and would mean players would have to be more active when running it instead of camping.
  13. KnuckI3s

    As they said, thanks again everyone for helping me resolve it
  14. KnuckI3s

    actually 2 minutes later it started feeling laggy again
  15. KnuckI3s

    Ok so i have windows 8.1 and i checked and my polling rate was set to 125 already, i changed it to 500 and it seem to improve the issue a fair bit. Still not perfect but a lot better. This issue literally started randomly after no pc update or anything. and thanks for trying to help me guys

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