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  1. Emerald

    Wow, you and nanook absolutely destroyed them lol. Would have liked to see the scoreboard for the other team - probably wasn't pretty.
  2. I think the game has huge potential, especially in such a drought of good newer games. It's definitely different compared to other cods. I would say in terms of how the gameplay feels, the best way to describe it would be a more arcade-y battlefield (especially looking at the ground war mode). The guns feel great and the way the attachments were implemented was an awesome change for cod after years of just using quickdraw and foregrip on every gun. Apart from the bugs that were present like the ADS animation being locked at 60fps, under-map glitches, etc., the beta was pretty fun. My only complaint with the game is the TTK being ridiculously fast to the point where the whole game felt like hardcore mode - whoever hit the first 1 or 2 shots won the fight (unless they whiff every bullet after).
  3. I agree with what Mike said about the betties being a counter to SMG rushers. I haven't really had a problem with betties because after playing for a while you'll know where camping spots are and where people like to place them. It's easy to throw a satchel charge past a corner/over a wall and destroy a betty so you can run in. The only thing I personally would see as a benefit to banning betties would be getting rid of the people who hold a primed betty in their hand and brainlessly run into a group of people. All in all, if our end goal was to completely rid the server of things that "require no skill", we would have a lot of things to ban and it would be subjective. Things have their counters, and that's how it's supposed to be. For every time an SMG rusher dies to a betty, a sniper loses a kill to a juggernaut user.
  4. Yeah, kind of seems like 100% user-hosted dedicated servers is "outdated" to some of these companies. Though the game is going to have crossplay, and if it works out well this could be one of the biggest cods in a while for PC players.
  5. Emerald

    The Browning is just down-right unreal when you use it correctly. The gun has great mobility, mag size, and always 2-shots from my experience. It's only downside is the reload time and maybe the ADS time.
  6. I think that a cod4 server would be a good idea, and even if it doesn't work out it would be worth experimenting with imo. I play Cod4 from time to time still and the majority of the servers use an addon called Cod4x: https://cod4x.me/.
  7. A lot of games have 90 as their default FOV, so I think it would make sense to keep it the way it is to make switching between games more comfortable for people. Some might complain, but for most it's a nice thing to have.
  8. Emerald

    There are a ton of different possible problems that could be the cause of the disc tray itself to not work. I can't personally give any advice on how to fix it apart from maybe checking the cables and plugging the disc drive into a different SATA port on the motherboard (SATA ports look like the pic below). If that doesn't work, then fixing the hardware issues would be more expensive than just buying the game off steam. Disc readers are about 20-30 dollars on amazon, while the game on steam is 19.99. I have no idea how discs store player data, but it's worth checking the folder shown in this post to see if your data might be stored there. Others with WaW's disc version might be able to explain further about player data.
  9. Emerald

    Bumping this so it remains visible. The majority of people here seemingly want some sort of action taken on this.
  10. Emerald

    More so getting naded off spawn or gassed every 10-15 seconds for me.
  11. Emerald

    More often than not, whether unintentionally or intentionally, it always seems that teammates tend to gas each other rather than the other team. I have seen very few cases where me or one of my teammates got a kill specifically because of the enemy player being gassed, however I've seen at least a hundred scenarios where me or my teammates die because someone mis-threw a tabun gas. It completely kills all fun whenever I watch someone throw a gas, it hits a wall, and everyone helplessly spawns into it. It's also very repetitive on larger maps to get randomly gassed out of nowhere and you have to pointlessly sit there for 6-7 seconds while no enemies are remotely close to you. Not too sure if it would be possible, but disabling the effect of tabun gas for team-on-team interaction would solve at least most of the problems surrounding it.
  12. Emerald

    I personally don't have or see a problem with camping specifically (then again I don't use smgs, it's understandable those players would have an issue with it). If it is getting on your nerves, then throwing on a scope and out-dueling them is an option. In my opinion, it's excessive abuse of headglitching that should have some form of rule against it, though like others said, it would be difficult to enforce. Camping is a playstyle, and taking action against certain players merely because of the way they play would be ridiculous.
  13. This is pretty much what most people were expecting. Everything about these cards and RTX just seemed to kind of have a rushed nature to them...
  14. Emerald

    A family member of mine works at a gun range & one of his colleagues owned a PPSH. Got to see it in action and hoolllyy damn, it shoots just as fast in real life as it does in-game. I've seen and shot a number of fully automatic firearms and I don't think that one will ever be topped.
  15. A pro player got caught cheating a few days ago at a LAN tournament mid-game, leading to the team's immediate disqualification. One of these photos shows the exact .exe of the cheat. The organization that the team was playing under announced they would be releasing the rest of the lineup aswell, despite each player saying they had no idea of their teammate's wrongdoings. Just thought this was extremely scummy and wanted to share it here

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