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Everything posted by Farryn

  1. It's definitely the server and not ISPs though. Since it's only PDE2 that has high ping. PDE1 has lower ping and is more playable. If it were my ISP I'd have higher ping to all servers.
  2. Farryn

    Before the outbreak I normally worked from home and barely left my house, so not much has changed for me. I am currently stuck in Scrinn's house though, and the store is forever out of S'mores poptarts.. That's what is driving me crazy. I go back home this weekend though, so I'll have my poptarts soon enough....
  3. Farryn

    I'm server 2 as well I'm pretty sure I've seen you in the server a time or two. I haven't been on this week though, since I'm being held hostage at Scrinn's house
  4. Farryn

    Aside from WaW, here are the online games I play pretty often: VRChat Stellaris Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Final Fantasy XIV Rainbow Six Siege For Modern Warfare, I don't like the game's gunplay, and really don't like the way the Battle Royale is in it.. For BRs, I'd still prefer PUBG over anything else.
  5. Farryn

    Farryn's PDG Application Name: Farryn (Used to be Han'na-Hiru) In-game Name: Farryn-Hiru (Used to be Hanna-Hiru) Country: USA City: Oxford (Ohio) Age: 23 (One day younger than Scrinn) Do you have any other games?: Maaaaaaany others. A little over 1k on Steam, some on Blizzard, EA, etc. How long have you been playing in the PDE Servers?: Since at least 2016. I was registered on the old site, was the 2nd user on this site, and played on the servers before their IPs changed. What are you good at? Any game skills?: I'm pretty good with JavaScript and HTML (it's my job) so I help around on the site with things that need HTML formatting, like the pages under the Servers tab. In game I'm pretty good at run-and-gun with SMGs (even though Scrinn tells me the Type100 takes no skill). It's fun and I'm usually between 1.5-2 KDR and top (or close to top) of my team with 50-75 kills (The most I've ever gotten in a match was 97). Introduce Yourself: I'm a developer for a corporate program called ServiceNow. I primarily do back-end JavaScripting using their custom APIs, but occasionally have to do things like email branding, which is where HTML comes into place. I get to make fancy company emails that look like this post (I actually used HTML to format this post :P). With the new company I'm going to, I'll be 99% remote, so since I won't have to leave my house to work, I'll have more time than I already do to play games. Video games are literally my hobby (as I'm sure is the case for most of us). I have a lot of different games I bounce on and off of. Final Fantasy XIV, Code Vein, CS:GO, and VRChat (since I have a Valve Index VR headset). Relatively recently I've gotten really into WAW again, since I've found it really easy to play after work without serious time dedication. What do you think about PDG?: I think PDG is great! Through the years I've enjoyed my conversations with the members I've come across, and I enjoy playing the servers. I'm hoping that as time goes on forums will gain more members and increased activity, since I enjoy forum chatting.
  6. Farryn

    The Razer Phone 2 is probably a lot better than the first one The first one didn't even get Android 9 until a couple months ago (Razer is REALLY bad at pushing out updates on all their products). It's not terrible, just has problems with getting hot while scrolling Facebook, which causes it to go into a dim mode. But yeah, Asus is top for me with anything electronics, honestly.
  7. Farryn

    Oh man, I'm really boring. I eat peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly) every single day. You can even ask @[PDE]Scrinn. It's on homemade bread though, so it's really good
  8. Farryn

    The phone had ONE JOB. On a more serious note, the only issue I've ever had with Samsung phones is that sometimes their charging ports have issues. Better than the iPhones I had though. The phone I'd like to have right now is the Asus ROG II, but I'm stuck here with the poopy Razer Phone.
  9. Farryn

    Putting the fans in the case was easy. You got the fun part of connecting them up
  10. Farryn

    I have a comfy gaming corner complete with a cat.
  11. Farryn

    I'm sure it's been said before, negligence isn't a reason to unban.
  12. Farryn

    Plus, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should

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