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  1. [PDE]EmiPL

    Hello guys! On origin Eml_PL and i have Bettlefield Revolution edition. Grettings.
  2. [PDE]EmiPL

    Actually how do you know what we were saying if you used black tape to hide our messages, I didn't say much there ^^ Apology should be from you to us and please stop this bs... Have a good day anyways
  3. [PDE]EmiPL

    I just can't stop laugh. What are you saying is really funny. Embahh warned you because of rule 2 , that's all lol.
  4. [PDE]EmiPL

    To be honest i felt sorry to ban him permanently because he seems poor and sad guy but some day my goodness may end...
  5. [PDE]EmiPL

    Kudjo you know very well who banned you - that was ME and you also know the reason - rule 2.Dude i gave you ban just for one day, be happy that i did'nt ban you forever as i promised you. You have to wait few hours, i'm not gonna unban you now. Watch you behavior because i'm losing patience to you.
  6. [PDE]EmiPL

    Congratulations Niko :)
  7. [PDE]EmiPL

  8. [PDE]EmiPL

    Hi hey hello!
  9. [PDE]EmiPL

    Hello Niko! I guess i know the reason why do you want join our family- you loved Tha Clan Song so much (and you got jealous malaka) . And now seriously : you're good and friendly player, it's fun with you on the server! YES from me. Good luck!
  10. [PDE]EmiPL

    I'll try to explain you where is problem, because as i see thinking is not yours best point. Firstly : you're calling people from the beginning as: hi noobs ( so you see bad players as soon as you are joining the server?). Secondly: I didn't see you talking to players in good way , it seems always as you don't respect people and you laugh at em cause they're worse than you ( you have to understand that there are worse and good players , no reason to calling them noobs constantly ). Thirdly : You have to learn words : i'm sorry and please . And remember my promises aren't fake
  11. [PDE]EmiPL

    Maybe this is fun for you but not for others at the server. Your ban gonna finish tomorrow and guess what i will do when i will see word NOOBS from you? Take it as lesson.
  12. [PDE]EmiPL

    I'm sorry? You will unban him? I want to ban him forever cause he doesnt respect my words at all
  13. [PDE]EmiPL

    That was me. I warned you many times and as i told you , i will not let you play to time when you will stop calling ppl noobs. Any apologize?
  14. [PDE]EmiPL

  15. [PDE]EmiPL

    Watch out at your biggest ass on the server

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