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  1. Thank you for the support, I gave you the regular/vip rank in game
  2. I don't have the cd version personally, but I do know many are still using it on windows 10 so you must have done something wrong while installing
  3. Thanks for the continuous support!
  4. Thank you for the support!
  5. Thanks for the support!
  6. The scope was disabled a while back since it just promoted excessive camping/headglitching, people were just sitting at the edge of the map without moving at all during the whole match. Scope makes it one shot kill and u can literally camp forever with the 120+ ammo, majority of people wanted it to be gone back when there was a separate topic about it.
  7. [PDE]Embahh


    Thanks for the support, I will give you the VIP rank in game when I visit the server next time
  8. We can/should add more FFA maps, I think there's too much TDM atm, people should get enough of it on our main servers (at least the last time I checked, idk if the rota has been altered again recently)
  9. I and few others used to gather up every evening to get some games going after the server was opened, but I haven't bothered in a while since everyone is busy playing other games like warzone/bf5 etc., but maybe I will try again next week to see if anyone is interested.
  10. Banned, nope. Kicked, Yep. You can and will get kicked out of the server if you're spectating/afk for a while but only if the server is completely full. There is no need for afk players to take away bunch of slots over players who want to actually play the game. You wont never get banned for being afk/spectator tho.
  11. Like I already told you via private messages, your past bans doesn't have anything to do with your connection on the server. IF you were still banned, you couldn't play at all. This is solely a connection/lag issue in your end.
  12. [PDE]Embahh


    Thanks for support, I'm pretty sure I have also already gave u the vip rank in game before
  13. With that change Imperial army would have 100% guaranteed win rate if all of the type100 sprayers would be forced to go into the same team lol. but in all seriousness, some weapons could use a small buff to make them more viable, but it's not possible to change individual weapons damage, only perks can be modified and the overall time to kill. Few years ago the server actually used to be slightly different to make more perks and weapons useful, stopping power was nerfed and the health was lowered from 100 to ~70, so basically you always had stopping power damage but could use whateve
  14. Hi, welcome back and thanks for the donation!
  15. As close as it can get, these are rare 😀
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