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  1. PJ1972

    I asked you at the the beginning of the map if you could "Calm down with the personal insults" or the like, cant remember exact wording. Im sure its in the chat logs, if needed.
  2. PJ1972

    Its normal to be asked to calm down with the insults a bit. Nothing else to say on this, seems a bit of a storm in a tea cup tbh.
  3. PJ1972

    It was abuse aimed at other players, calling people "fucking pussies" "camping bitches" and saying things like "get fucked Nerds" . Need to chill out a bit ingame, its hard to tell when its banter or people abusing others. I have nothing personal against you btw, I dont hold grudges, I mearly point out the rules and encourage people to play by them.
  4. PJ1972

  5. PJ1972

    You can use a no DVD copy, replace startup in folder,create shortcut from directory if your that tight lol
  6. PJ1972

    Thought you had been playing on the server 15 years lol
  7. PJ1972

    Put the clips up, be interesting to see
  8. PJ1972

    Tragic!!! Prob get more kills throwing a few nades about lol
  9. PJ1972

    All sorted now, and your back in the game
  10. PJ1972

    Ban was for 18 mins, that was probably up 15 mins ago. I asked you to change it nicely, and spammed rule5 , odd somebody told you it was slang for semen in game and you laughed about it. Ban was auto generated after 3 warnings.
  11. PJ1972

    Tank Tart! Im guilty of teaching him the handbags, sorry my bad.
  12. PJ1972

    Same as Paul , sneak in with a suppressed type 100 or lob a satchel in, never fails to amuse me.
  13. PJ1972

    I didnt ban you, maybe you had game glitch
  14. PJ1972

    Can you rejoin now?
  15. PJ1972

    if you have probs, email me the .dm6 and I can render it and put it on YT m8

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