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  1. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hello, That is a very good application. It's a good thing you are honest about what you like to do and what games you like to spend more time on. Glad to say we are active on a decent variety of games, recently we launched our third server on WaW which is going well as far as i've last heard and seen. I will say that being active on the forums and on Discord would expedite your application's approval.. Bonus is that your girlfriend is a gamer and so is mine I'm positive, good luck.
  2. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hello! Welcome to our forums! We are on discord too so feel free to say hello there as well.
  3. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hello, You probably need to delete cash files from the game folder and re-add the servers. If you don't know how, let us know and i will tell u once im back on my gaming PC.
  4. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Dude i LOVE daft punk
  5. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    The peak was at 23 connected users on server #3!
  6. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hello community, I wish you are all doing well, staying at home, being safe and responsible. I would like to take the time and thank you all once again for helping making Server #3 alive. So far we’ve had amazing moments and more are to come! So one week has passed since the launch of the server and it is ranked #16 on gametracker which is outstanding from our side in such short period. I am very confident to say that this is not an easy task for any community, however over the times we have proven how effective PDE/ PDG are in populating servers. I will continue to ask for your support. Next steps: 1. We are going to add War mode on Downfall as it is quite liked. 2. Soon enough, we will announce our next event where all players will be welcome. Thanks for the support. Stay tuned for more. Enjoy your day.
  7. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Muchisimas gracias buddy!
  8. PDG>#3 ULT1MATE WAR You wouldn't expect it right? "This game is already dying and we already have 2 servers, why would we support a third one?" Well, you might be right but this has been something we've been looking forward for years and years. We always wanted to prove the immerse moments and the true colors of this game. Take it to another level, other than the usual TDM. This game has a lot more to offer us and even though I might asking myself and many others, why are we still in World at War when there are many other games out there? The thing is that it's more than just that. World at War is one of the last Call of Duty (if not shooters in general) to provide fully dedicated servers and admin tools. It's a place where you and all your friends can be at once without having to deal with matchmaking. We've all grown up in these servers and for those servers, we are still here. I think most of us understand the benefits. So! We made the decision, we hosted our third great server, which will be WAR modes (you read that right). It will also include a few TDM rounds because playing modes is something that warms up your blood. For those who have been here with us for some time, especially the veterans, might have witnessed the greatness of clan wars, events etc. Well, stay tuned because very soon we are going to announce our next event where everyone will be welcome on the new server. Let's all do our part and populate it. PDG>#3 ULT1MATE WAR IP: Last and most importantly, on behalf of all board i would like to thank our great donators which without you all, this would have never been possible to achieve. Thank you!
  9. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    This has been my goal the last years. Im sure that 2-3 donations per month can keep a 28 player server alive for some time. However, our main focus is to keep our two main servers. personally i would endorse in this idea. If someone else shares this idea, let me know.
  10. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    I've noticed that this app doesn't get many responses. Is it possible because people don't know Farryn much? Farynn, do you play any other games aside of WaW? Have you considered playing Warzone with Scrinn and the rest?
  11. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Good evening, I'm happy to announce that we have moved to our new discord server! To be frank this server has been created many years ago and it's time for all of us to move to one mutual discord server. We will talk good care of it, you will notice that most of the time there are members joining the voice rooms. Communication is quite important and we are looking forward to meet all of you members/ regular players/ moderators/ donators and whoever else feels part of this great community. Link: https://discord.gg/KBsNtkX *Please mind that the old discord server will be deleted anytime soon.
  12. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Hello Farryn, I think we never really spoke before, so hello! Thank you for the support you have provided lately regarding the forums. I can say you have positive feedbacks that's what matters more nowadays. I guess trying to work more on the K/D on WaW is meaningless to me. As long as you are active on other games as well, that is a bonus for me. It is a yes from me, i would say let's wait for one more vote. Good luck.
  13. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    I will make sure I have all of you added on my origin. BF1 is a great game. @[PDE]PaulKersey Please update the first post accordingly.
  14. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    LoL Zuko, considering u sit on the floorit looks like you stole this setup hahah, Just kidding Good job, im impressed

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