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  1. Not very impressed.Seems different but still clings to the new shit like pubg the cs new mode on fighting etc etc.
  2. Nice to see you here too oldNorth!!! Welcome and enjoy You can see us as your new family if you wish to hehe
  3. For this month i really cant afford due to some personal matters.Next month for sure
  4. yea good to see you here too Tydro!!Enjoy man!!
  5. My monitor is old also. its an lg 19 inches from 2011 with no hdmi port an max analysis 1366 x 768 I could give around 150 to 170 euros cause i plan to get a better monitor too. I also believe that new are a no risky solution,and its you get what you pay for. My system is the following Motherboard Asus Prime b350 Plus Cpu AMD Ryzen 3 1200 4 cores 3100Mhz PSU Generic 600w GPU Gainward Nvidia GTS 450 1 gb Ram = 16GB 8gb + 8 Gb off which is not loaded cause i dont need so much ram for usual activities or waw for ex
  6. If i remember correctly it must be an 600watt power supply
  7. Gtx 1050 was really something that i've looked into that before.As i see i might go to this one,but after i settle some other priorities.I dont really want to go to a very expensive card,but compared to the 190 euros that i got my gainward GTS450 at 2010 i am very pleased that still works smoothly after 9 years. I saw a very cheap one of gtx 750ti version,but i am not in a hurry. Since that my time is limited i would like to go to an upgrade and try new games since i've got a new motherboard and 16gb ram with ryzen 3.But i wanted my graphics card to die first and then go to a new one
  8. Even this card is better than mine hehehe
  9. Hehe sorry i meant graphics card just didnt type all of it for convinience. My graphics card is the Gainward nvidia GTS450,and i am searching for something better
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