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  1. [PDE]XRayGR

    Its a yes too he he !!
  2. [PDE]XRayGR

    First of all you tried to fool me,like i dont know what a macro is.I've heard these "i have a trigger finger" etc shit since 2006 from call of duty 2 Secondly,not a minor thing and certainly not something to exclude it from the other things like its not a cheat or a way to cheat. Third and final thing,you admited it (finally!) at october 2019! (as you remember by the messages you sent to me.) Thats why i decided to ignore you. Whatever you will be unbanned but make sure to check the rules.You have been warned.
  3. If my xiaomi let me i will give it a try he he
  4. [PDE]XRayGR

    yea you can play there
  5. [PDE]XRayGR

    Thanks for sharing moments of your life with us. For me its a no,cause i detect some ironic tones.
  6. [PDE]XRayGR

    Yea nice zuk i was searching about it and i could not find anything with the names he listed above.
  7. [PDE]XRayGR

    you will be unbanned soon but there wont be any other chances
  8. [PDE]XRayGR

    About that guy,first he got a warn,kicked for any possibility to not have seen the warn,returned,didnt even wonder what happened, did the same shit,warned again.didnt reply. Next was a perm ban. But he helped me with his cursing answer that got autobanned him. Read the rules.thats why we created these. Enjoy
  9. [PDE]XRayGR

    Look @Chemih because i got tired and i want to go for a final gaming round,as i said before,the only alibi that i find for u is that you come from cod 4. You will be unbanned,read the rules won't be any other chance. I hope that you re not like your friend wishing cancer stuff and sayin "black" words like n etc....tchht kids...
  10. [PDE]XRayGR

    1) The state that i am trying to be polite but you dont let me is a fact,i dont see any arrogance at the statement that i dont care if you were an admin prev.I justify that at no2 below 2)Ok whatever you say but an previous moderator can't talk about admin abusing when the proper actions are done right?But i forgot the other guy was your friend he he 3)Are we going to analyze the advantages of reload cancelling like decreasing the time of reaction non normally or rapid firing during the reload cancelling here? So i could ask the exactly opposite,why do you use it if you dont believe that it gives you an advantage?Just from habbit? HA HA. I will recommend you a real alternative,Use the fast reload perk which that its a part of the game. The only alibi i can find for you,is that you come from Cod 4 and a lot of players use these shit there.
  11. [PDE]XRayGR

    Murs, 9th Wonder - Murs SuperStar
  12. [PDE]XRayGR

    If you defended a guy that was warned,kicked,warned again about a specific rule and still talked about admin abuse pal,then i am hands up! I am trying to be as polite as i can but you wont let me be. I hate liars as much as cheaters and the fact that i said to you "do you need any special invitation to stop reload cancelling?" is a fact! You did it triple times continiously before the ban plus the other 20 times at the prev map and you replied me where did i reload cancel?, i dont really care if you were a mod or admin or a server runner or whatever.You knew from the first place at least show any remorse and not the ironic where did i reload cancel stuff. Are you gonna defend yourself by saying that it's a habbit and you forgot about it? Did you forget that you reload cancelled 3 times in the row or at the whole prev map or what?And you talking to me about strict policy and bollocks. We have the same rules a lot of years now,we are trying to keep a good ranked server,populated,and thanks god we dont need your opinion cause the population of the server is pretty pretty high,thanks fot your concern we are fine. Rules are made for a reason,to follow them we dont make any exceptions. I may unban you-i may not,i will decide tomorrow.
  13. [PDE]XRayGR

    Hello, @Chemih First of all u were defending your friend Bollafreak,for the specific rule and mentioned something about admin abuse even though i did the proper actions(warn kick warn etc..) But lets go at your ban appeal right now.Seemed to know about reload cancelling after u stood up for the other guy. Demo is here : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=36334431525806670304 download it paste it at your demos game folder and start the game,then type demo "your name" Then wait and check in game times as 10:13 - 09:56 - 09:51 skipping the reload animation.I was watching you at the prev map and u did the same with ptrs so i decided to record you. Dont mention about harsh things etc since u knew the rule exactly when you defended your friend.
  14. [PDE]XRayGR

    @fl1pfl0p Unbanned you yesterday
  15. [PDE]XRayGR

    As i know flipflop for a long time but not personally,he never created any issue at the servers.

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