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  1. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Its not above 100, but so far its my best score at Courtyard with FFA
  2. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Ripe fruit
  3. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Thats very strong back muscles
  4. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Only one montage that I have: You can find other PTRS gameplays on my channel
  5. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Ooh, it was funny time. Its great to remember that meeting. I wish we could have more of these in future...
  6. [PDE]OM3GA_

    I can hate camping, but dont go to far with that restrictions lol. Ban betties, remove flak jacket, ban this, ban this... Because of what? Let people play like they want. Problems should be defeated, not removed (in easiest way, if u know what I mean). New restrictions will not help the gameplay and our server, on the contrary, they will discourage players to our server.
  7. [PDE]OM3GA_

    July 2016 March 2015, top 5 at PDE #2
  8. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Just one thing. First Courtyard nad Dome. Those two small map shouldnt be next to each other I think. Just one bigger map between will be ok.
  9. [PDE]OM3GA_

    You know the problem with yourself and people like you, frag1mus? The problem is that you have unrestrained and cheeky mouth that you cant control, because of your big EGO. Your skill doesnt mean that we will make deviations from rules for you. Who you think you are? Someone special? We will not turn a blind eye to you. You are same player like every other. A player that is OBLIGED TO COMPLY WITH SERVER RULES. Playing on our server means that you ACCEPT them. If not, you are free to leave and go back to "generation of gaming people" that you came from.
  10. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Finally, I finished working on my first PTRS 41 montage. Its my first video like that and I know its far from "professional" montages :D, anyway... Enjoy:
  11. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Processor: Intel Core i7-2640M CPU 2.8GHz Motherboard: DELL 8YFGW Dell Precision M4600 RAM: 8 GB Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro 2000M
  12. [PDE]OM3GA_

    It isnt rock, but one from older tracks that always make me thinking about... network solutions . Especially from 3:52
  13. [PDE]OM3GA_

    My childhood games Spyro & Crash <3
  14. [PDE]OM3GA_

    Gameplays without editing are the best gameplays to watch at least for me. Just original sounds, actions, etc. Good job
  15. [PDE]OM3GA_

    If you had PDE servers in favorites try to find PDE in ALL SERVERS table. Then add to favorites.

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