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  1. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Maybe this link is your problem. If it is, try JFF server. It's back. https://www.pdelite.org/topic/1956-notice-for-non-legit-users-before-making-a-ban-appeal/
  2. [PDE]PaulKersey

    I like the idea, but it would be more suited on one of the servers with mods. One of them probably already has this. Maybe >XI< servers, [SnR] Tactical Realism, or Bm8 servers.
  3. [PDE]PaulKersey

    We actually tried that before years ago and people still went bananas on other maps. That's how we ended up where it is now. Just like voice chat, we tried. Rifle nades are allowed at =[JFF]= Server #1 - It's one of the best servers on WAW.
  4. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Hello! What is your in game name in WAW?
  5. [PDE]PaulKersey

  6. [PDE]PaulKersey

    We don't have anyone by this name WaWtag
  7. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Follow this template to make a ban appeal: https://www.pdelite.org/topic/358-required-ban-appeal-template/
  8. [PDE]PaulKersey

    This will be discussed in a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Using chat isn't a problem. You can use chat. Just stay away from that stuff. Know the server rules (click at the top of the site here "Servers" or type !rules in chat to see them). Tomorrow, you should be good to go.
  10. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Follow this so we can better assist you: https://www.pdelite.org/topic/358-required-ban-appeal-template/
  11. [PDE]PaulKersey

    His server messages: Doesn't look like a mistake at all. Looks like clear choice. It's up to the admin.
  12. [PDE]PaulKersey

  13. [PDE]PaulKersey

    If you mean quick weapon swap, that's a reload cancel, not a full reload. It cuts the time to reload so you can shoot immediately. I hope you read that page and also, checked the link just in case it applies to you.
  14. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Well, that was fast. Yes, reload cancelling is easily possible with that gun, unless you call it something else specifically. See if your issue is here somewhere: https://www.pdelite.org/rules/server-rules/ Do you fit any of those?
  15. [PDE]PaulKersey


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