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  1. I used to (and still do in some cases) backup my games and I have two versions of a backup for WAW, which is one whole image beyond the size of a regular DVD and another custom backup split into two DVDs. I don't know if what I'm saying helps or if I'm just adding experience, but you can try making a disk image copy (.iso/.img) of your DVD and see if it creates errors writing the copy to your hard disk or see if it has errors installing from the copy. I also have my install from way back on Windows 7 or XP, but I make a copy of its registry (a bit more technical) and reapply that registry
  2. I was going to post this in the main topic pinned above, but I felt like it needed its own post so things could directly be focused on since it's slightly different and more varied than our other two servers. So, give some opinions/feedback on what you all would like to see added or maybe changed with Server #3. It's finally here and is a great place for all of the things that can't be done on S1 or S2. It's best to take advantage of it while we finally have it.
  3. We only have default/normal health
  4. I found Burritoz, but without the Bean. There are no bans for you whatsoever
  5. Have you used any other names besides beanburritoz?
  6. It had a declining player count and donations couldn't cover it. So, we closed it. I think a lot of people loved that server. I'm not a zombies fan and I miss that server too. If there's ever another opportunity, we'll do it again someday.
  7. You shouldn't have to reinstall WaW (I hate reinstalling things). There's a file in your save folder called servercache or something (I'll check) and you have to delete that. It probably got corrupted. EDIT: Just in time from the WaW forums on Steam is a response to someone not being able to see servers in the server list: That should be the same for this issue.
  8. Yeah, I'm not gonna get into it because you already know, but if you did actually participate (in the actual title mode), that would be something.
  9. What's up NathanTheGre! It's a shame on PC, they only let us have 12 letters, but on consoles, they can have many... Welcome. Yeah, I can't believe these servers either hehe. They weren't planned. Our entire clan was banned from the most popular server back in 2009 and this was the result from 2010 on. We're glad to be able to have servers for you and other players, all of us, because we all love the game.
  10. I like the idea, but it would be more suited on one of the servers with mods. One of them probably already has this. Maybe >XI< servers, [SnR] Tactical Realism, or Bm8 servers.
  11. We actually tried that before years ago and people still went bananas on other maps. That's how we ended up where it is now. Just like voice chat, we tried. Rifle nades are allowed at =[JFF]= Server #1 - It's one of the best servers on WAW.
  12. Hello! What is your in game name in WAW?
  13. Alright. I don't want to be negative and someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I hope your donation is genuine because I've seen you've been banned recently and before that for the same thing. Donating doesn't allow players to break rules and hopefully, that's not the motivation for it, but it seems like you donated after an unban. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong and will accept that. All we ask is that people follow the rules because they are there for a reason. We're not a strict on servers or do typical things like ban weapons, etc., with the exception of rifle grenades because there are too many pl
  14. Desktop - Firefox Quantum w/ over 800 tabs (sadly) was trying Brave, but reminds me too much of chrome (it's chromium obviously), so I'll prob uninstall eventually Mobile - Bromite, and testing other browsers
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