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  1. [PDE]ZukoFire

    There is not a lot of information here, If you are trying to get help put in the game issue post or computer issue, this is wrong area. I don't have issue playing at 240 ping. Country: PC Specs: Internet Specs: Peripherals:
  2. [PDE]ZukoFire

  3. [PDE]ZukoFire

    No ban is active, I don't know what specifically you guys are talking about sometimes can you show a big screenshot so all admins can see. No one is going to help like this. @[PDE]PaulKersey will assist in this when he have time.
  4. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Waw don't use steam profiles, if duplicate profile just wait a bit. Reconnect after 30 seconds or 1 min than can connect. @[PDE]PaulKersey should know more on this appeal.
  5. [PDE]ZukoFire

    You are not banned on both servers
  6. [PDE]ZukoFire

    RottenCheese seem familiar to me, Probably we met before around 2014 idk i go by ZukoFire and RoyalZuko if you met me before. Im positive on this app too. Good luck man
  7. [PDE]ZukoFire

    We understand, this coronavirus outbreak is getting serious, take care of yourself Farryn. When you able to play feel free to chat with me on steam, hopefully i won't be busy again on April but i doubt anyway i can't run away the age of 20 as an adult its getting worse for me, i can't game at all now, im on dangerous path now, diploma or Army, Fire Fighter or Police its time for me to National Service hehe. There are people who die too from accident. But this is good opportunity for me to learn new stuff. I might actually be stronger in games too since they trained physically and mentally. Feel free to chat other members too for other games.
  8. [PDE]ZukoFire

  9. [PDE]ZukoFire

    @Nicktator @[PDG]FedaykinLou Met her before on waw before but i guess its their first time meeting her. I play both CSGO and Rainbow Six Siege. Embah play CSGO and Simmy play Rainbow Six Siege. I don't know about the other members. @Member if you have either CSGO or Rainbow Six Siege you can try playing with Farynn. It is a tactical and strategy game, you have to use brain instead of just running like waw and die. Its pretty good game to play with clans too. I can play too but my ping will hold me back randomly sometimes because of my reaction also because of my osu almost 3 years training my eyes now feel 240hz is too slow suddenly, i see tearing nowdays. When i have time to buy 360 hz monitor i will hehe but gotta save some money first. Also Counter Strike Global Offensive used to be paid game but now free so why not hehe
  10. [PDE]ZukoFire

    It depends on the user, gun can be powerful but if user can't use it fully than its not its full potential. Also attachments does affect the guns stats but its a old game. Also in reality and a game is a bit way too far. First you must learn, range affects guns damage, this is why they rate the gun 20(minimum) 40(Maximum) This value can always can be edited and changed depending on the servers of course. Recoil can be reduce by Crouching and prone instead of standing stationary. Running and shoot is worse unless you have experience. Until 25 meters all SMG or 1000 inch will reach their lowest value damage. This is because SMG are always rated medium range even in reality but a bit different how it works Thompson - Highest penetration of all smg in waw. Between bullets by bullets shoot by Thompson as fast as is 0.08 seconds and it is rated as 750 RPM. Thompson has the fastest partial reload time by 2.1 seconds Thompson Round Drum Partial reload by 3.1 seconds Thompson Full Reload by 2.7 seconds Thompson Round Drum Full reload by 3.9 seconds Thompson Without Suppressor can do 40 damage about 15 meters or about 750 inch, above it will lose its effectiveness and reduce from 40 to 20 depending on the range. Thompson with Suppressor can do 40 damage about 10 meters or about 400 inch MP40 - Highest (average) damage of all SMG in waw Between bullets by bullets shoot by MP40 is 0.112 and it is rated as 535 RPM. MP40 partial reload by 2.3 seconds MP40 Dual Mag partial reload by 2.6 seconds MP40 Full Partial reload by 2.9 seconds MP40 Full Dual Mag Reload by 3.3 Seconds MP40 without Suppressor can do 40 damage about 15 meters or about 750 inch. MP40 with Suppressor can do 40 damage about 10 meters or 400 inch but the lowest damage it can go is 29 damage. Type 100 - Most used of all SMG in waw Between bullets by bullets shoot by Type 100 is 0.08 seconds and it is rated 750 RPM Type 100 partial reload by 2.25 seconds Type 100 Box Mag partial reload by 2.6 seconds Type 100 Full partial reload by 2.75 seconds Type 100 Full Box Mag reload by 3.00 seconds Type 100 without suppressor can do damage 40 damage about 15 meters or about 750 inch Type 100 with suppressor can do 40 damage about 10 meters or about 400 inch PPSH - Fastest Fire Rate SMG of all SMG in waw Between bullets by bullets shoot by PPSH is 0.48 seconds and it is rated at 1250 RPM PPSH partial reload is by 2.3 seconds PPSH Round Drum partial reload is by 2.5 seconds PPSH Full partial reload is by 2.8 seconds PPSh Full Round Drum reload is by 4.1 seconds PPSH in the game and its damage is 22 about 15 meters or about 750 inch Now if you multiply the damage to body parts of the player in game. SMG rules 1.4X Headshot 1.0X NeckShot 1.0X Upper BodyShot 1.0X Lower BodyShot (AKA PRIVATE PART HAHAHAHAH) 1.0X LegShot/HandShot
  11. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Yes by me, known her long time as Scrinn, a good codwaw player. Have knowledge about scripting/programming which is very useful for internet life which is very high level skills that have many futures. Good luck Farryn-Hiru. I been playing games since young days, i seen people in the clan don't give shit about the game anymore, some move on, some are busy in life i understand, some have no reason. Some admin ban each other admin. But Farryn is special i can tell, she love games as i do.
  12. [PDE]ZukoFire

    I will be frank with you, I don't know if this application is taking seriously or just for fun, I don't see you playing Codwaw since 2012 in either servers. Is there other in game name you are using?. Is this application for fun or just to join the team?
  13. [PDE]ZukoFire

    There are no bans active, check the rules again to prevent getting bans again.
  14. [PDE]ZukoFire

    I usually used to hold a toy gun but took it way too seriously in the past my left arm and right arm is kinda used to it, In my opinion it improves my aim but i had to increase my DPI from 500 to 800 as i use 500 when my arms are fold and 800 my arms straight. My friend is prodigy tho, he use mouse as left hand handed and keyboard right handed hehe. My Monitor https://www.asus.com/sg/Monitors/ROG-SWIFT-PG258Q/ I use 1920x1080 , Probably the Phone quality not too good looks weird yeah. Also i think osu training help this too, when i click keyboard its onwards.

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