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  1. I tried my best I'm not sure how they have issue. Back in 2015 windows 10 1511 I have no issue installing. Maybe they did it wrongly yeah. It's also i7 4710hq got 840m 4gb ddr3 HDD 5400 rpm and dvd drive. I'm guessing either major update block or messed their files. I usually clean install. This is his issue So basically no permission we tried under setup security make sure full control but it seems no help for him. Its Windows broken. Tried Unplugging also the same, as for drivers im not sure which one he got but that might be the issue too, driver is instruction so if its written w
  2. The trick is to get artillery directly on enemy but spawn is changing constantly because teammate rush. That's very good improvement there. Dogs are just assist to make enemy aim another place but at the same time might be helpful to earn few kills.
  3. Welcome dezYEET to PDE/PDG/PDI Forum again and servers, I have seen you few times playing games i know you are a good player, we are also the same age we can get along well. For the moment you may use PDI tag it requires no application but PDG requires an application needs to be approve by most of our members. What you need is to play with them often any games, mostly im gonna say CODMW, GTA 5, BFV, Mordhau. We have plenty of members but most of them move on to another games. They are available on discord pm them to play with them and join call voice chat would be best. Application may take lo
  4. agreed i can't believe this game is so broken !!!!! there's still more issue but i will always edit this post Also chopper LOL
  5. Game randomly crash In Search type Allow an app through Windows Firewall > change settings > Allow another app > Browse and find your directory There only should be 1 files , do not duplicate or if you see delete it, it will conflict. And now the crashes and randomly freezes will stop now. Not enough Virtual Memory / Page Files error Type adjust appearance and performance of windows and go advance > change to whatever value you feel is good for i put 16000 initial and maximum Those that say disable pagefile is wrong, games are applicat
  6. Welcome to PDE/PDG/PDI servers and Forum due to the game being old, you might see most members not playing actively, but there are still few members still playing. Most of them are strong players too so don't worry about that. Enjoy a happy gaming
  7. Good luck ladies and gentlemen 25% chance now Hehe all come join comment
  8. Haha yeah i remember Stg 44 Scope to the head is 1 hit kill to zombies no matter what hehehe it is the beast gun in custom cooperative zombies. Also if i remember the zombies cooperative server should have 16 or 24 players.
  9. That would be nice but yeah like Paul said there is not too many players there anymore i remember in 2015 it had 0 players, I wasn't too active that time because i had Secondary Schools Exams. But we will see if it can be opened once more again. It would be beautiful yeah. Im still curious tho how i usually get 3000 kills in the game during my young days Ooofffff. If its opened again i can teach all the secrets about custom cooperative zombies. I was Former top 5 player there.
  10. You have to manually clean install CODWAW again, uninstall it will not solved it. Uninstall does not removed all the files. Therefore like koko said the cache files in the game folder need to be deleted which means you have to restart rank again unless you have any previous backups. If you do current backup it will be the same because the files are already corrupted. Sometimes the favourites server can get corrupted and there is no way to delete it so double check first if you can delete the favourite server, if not proceed below and delete and uninstall codwaw and reinstall again.
  11. There is DCH drivers and no DCH drivers, DCH is designed to be smaller and be cross compatible embedded pcs Microsoft Surface, tablets , desktops and laptops that's great but they don't include nvidia control panel in DCH drivers which is seperate from Microsoft Store. Mostly people with Windows 7 have more issue on this but Windows 10 is starting to be seen common because DCH is a Windows 10 driver. Also another method to see if Nvidia Control Panel is installed is though C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Control Panel Client and find nvcplui. So in easier term DCH have
  12. Welcome to the PDE/PDG/PDI Forum, feel free to post anything that is on your mind. See you in game sometime.
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