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Everything posted by [PDE]Scrinn

  1. Condensed forum home page. General Gaming and General have been combined. Fallout/Skyrim moved to under general Party Finder moved under general (possible removal due to no use) New forum Site Archives for old posts to prevent necro posting. Moved Archives to be under Community. Updated forums to 4.5.3
  2. Profile songs are now working again for donators. require re-uploads.
  3. The sad thing when it comes to War due to how it's coded I guess but once you reach a certain player count with it the server crashes.
  4. Due to issues with our older theme and the modified default theme breaking even more I hope we have reached the final form of our community forum. There are a few other features I'm looking forward to announcing when they are fully functional. Started using Font Awesome icons for forum related ranks for some extra shine.
  5. I'm have a steam key for Vampyr and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice I will be selecting a person for each game, to enter the giveaway just comment below which game you want. More than 1 post will disqualify you from winning.
  6. Added the ability to turn on 2FA Authentication to further secure your account
  7. Ayyy fellow dad joke enthusiast
  8. Profile rank and settings/classes are kept locally compared to new CoDs that are in the cloud C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\players and you'll want to copy the profile folder
  9. Man you were serving my ass back to me on a silver platter
  10. Thank you for your donation! I will give you your perks on the servers once I get home. Also if you wanna see what you get with being a donator here are the benefits
  11. Thank you for your donation!
  12. So as some of you know, forums were a little crazy since yesterday. @Farryn was kind enough to donate for an updated key for the forum software and we are on an entirely new version of the platform. There were a few unexpected issues which are for the most part resolved. Discord Integration and Steam Integration are currently down until further notice, profile songs and profile backgrounds are currently non functional until I find a work around. If anyone encounters any bugs or strange funk let me know and I will look into taking care of it.
  13. I know the servers would forcefully remove it at one point but I didn't realize it was back. I don't play as often but @[PDE]Embahh or @[PDE]Herz Vaalheit might be able to chip in
  14. I believe I fixed our steam integration issue. Will keep an eye on it but as for right now it's working
  15. Due to a change in steams API, steam integration that also let users login with steam is no longer available. I will be keeping a look out for a fix for this.
  16. Fun fact, if you place an arty on a enemy teams spawn it force changes their spawn so it's best to put in on choke points or on their side of an objective for maximum affect
  17. So I've been forgetting to post my forum updates/changes heheheh 😅 So time for some updates if I can remember them all! 02/22/2020 a new theme was implemented which is the final look for forums. New chat box system. Using ajax functions it allows more features and in the bottom right allows a new pm system. Updated donation plugin along side the implementation of a SSL certificate for better security. Profile music plugin revamped allowing 5 songs to be upload. Profile backgrounds fixed allowing for further profile customization. All other updates
  18. [PDE]Scrinn


    You have been granted donator status on all of our servers! Thank you for your donation! If you are part of our discord server make sure to link your account to the forums to get your benefits there too!
  19. Glad to see you back! Stay safe and happy gaming!
  20. This was forever ago and not dome since I avoid that map like the plague
  21. Due to positive feedback from players that play during Farryn's time available to play and genuine interest in the community and helping out forums and this thread sitting I'm gonna go ahead and Welcome [PDG]Farryn
  22. That's really odd, have you tried removing your favorites and readding them?
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