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  1. [PDE]Nomad

    I bumped this up for upper management to look into. As far as what I can see if you aren't banned so I'm not sure why you are having issues. But we are all really busy with stuff happening IRL so I apologize for the time it's taking
  2. [PDE]Nomad

    @Senior Admin
  3. [PDE]Nomad

    @[PDE]Embahh @[PDE]PaulKersey I can't see chat logs if you guys want to look into it.
  4. [PDE]Nomad

  5. [PDE]Nomad

    I believe I fixed our steam integration issue. Will keep an eye on it but as for right now it's working
  6. [PDE]Nomad

    You don't have any active bans. @Senior Admin @Site Admin
  7. [PDE]Nomad

    Due to a change in steams API, steam integration that also let users login with steam is no longer available. I will be keeping a look out for a fix for this.
  8. [PDE]Nomad

  9. [PDE]Nomad

  10. [PDE]Nomad

  11. [PDE]Nomad

    @[PDE]Embahh or @[PDE]PaulKersey if you could take a look at this
  12. [PDE]Nomad

    Fun fact, if you place an arty on a enemy teams spawn it force changes their spawn so it's best to put in on choke points or on their side of an objective for maximum affect
  13. [PDE]Nomad

    So I've been forgetting to post my forum updates/changes heheheh So time for some updates if I can remember them all! 02/22/2020 a new theme was implemented which is the final look for forums. New chat box system. Using ajax functions it allows more features and in the bottom right allows a new pm system. Updated donation plugin along side the implementation of a SSL certificate for better security. Profile music plugin revamped allowing 5 songs to be upload. Profile backgrounds fixed allowing for further profile customization. All other updates are for quality of life improvements for our forum staff @Forum Moderator @Forum Admin Warning users no longer shows your profile but a generic account for privacy, other forum staff can still see who issued the warning. Forum Admins can now a users last login date in admin CP when it comes to user account issues. Updated forum role permissions for all roles. If anyone encounters an issue with not having access to something they think they should they need to contact me or @Forum Admin who will relay it over to me if they can't take care of it. I believe these are all the changes For donators
  14. [PDE]Nomad

    You have been granted donator status on all of our servers! Thank you for your donation! If you are part of our discord server make sure to link your account to the forums to get your benefits there too!
  15. [PDE]Nomad

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