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Title: So...What Is A Regular/VIP And How Do I Become One?
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Regulars are players who enjoy playing at our servers and also bring friends and guests. Eventually, everyone knows them and they become friends of the family.

To become a VIP, there are 3 ways at the moment:

Donations: Only $11 will give you Lifetime VIP Status! (which means forever). It's also needed to help keep servers alive and is the fastest way (instantly). Any additions to commands that are made to the Regular/VIP area, you will automatically have. Donations can be made from the orange button at the top of our site (Make sure to leave a message in your donation or here on the site of who you are so we can grant you your status.

Playing Often: If you play very often, you will eventually become a regular. This will take quite some time and is the longest way

Bringing Friends: More players you bring to the server is a way to becoming a VIP

Recruited As A Clan Member**: All recruited clan members automatically gain rank

Regulars get special privileges in the servers. I can't name everything, but they can be seen by typing !help in the chat area. Some main ones are:

Anything else, Regulars will see all the other commands by using the !help command in chat. You will see a list and if you need to see the commands again, you can hold shift and press the console (tilde) key which will show you a chat log. If you need to know what each command means, type !help < commandsname >.


We do what we can to give you guys a great experience playing at the servers. They are your servers also, so if you need anything, just let us know. We listen to the players. After all, we are players too.

You can also help out by subscribing here PDE Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLv5rsgH8M6e1TwOry9sPEQ)

Note: To keep balance, we reserve the right to pull an individual's regular/VIP rank if they become abusive or trouble making, constantly breaking the rules, cheating, and are unworthy of the rank
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