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  1. Yesterday
  2. SockItToYa

    Good to hear. Happy gaming!
  3. GrailedUser

    @SockItToYa fixed it somehow, took a few restarts but it worked out. thanks for the reply !
  4. SockItToYa

    Your best option would be to make a ban appeal. Even if you do not have any active bans, it gives us information that we need to help you. Post it in the appropriate section following the template found below and we'll do our best to find a solution for you so you can go back to playing on the servers.
  5. GrailedUser

    Hey, Just got back on the WaW servers after a while off since I been out of town and after about 30 seconds of loading in and picking class I was kicked with the message "Player Kicked." I didn't do anything to be banned and it didn't describe it that way in the message, so I am assuming based on other messages in this section of the forum that it is from the auto-kick. Is there any solution to this? Thanks
  6. Last week
  7. twltterhoes

    Thank you. I hope you all catch a break here soon and all the hard work pays off
  8. [PDE]Nomad

    I bumped this up for upper management to look into. As far as what I can see if you aren't banned so I'm not sure why you are having issues. But we are all really busy with stuff happening IRL so I apologize for the time it's taking
  9. twltterhoes

    heres my steam page if that helps. https://steamcommunity.com/id/TWLTTERHOES/ stoned off my fucking ass on discord with my buddies desperately wanting to play.
  10. twltterhoes

    yeah man its pretty rapid and i really wanna play with my friends lol idk what happened
  11. Nicktator

    Can we get an update on the status of the level at which liquid is exiting your eyes and your current emotional state as it relates to that loss of liquid?
  12. twltterhoes

  13. Nicktator

  14. twltterhoes

    we've progressed beyond a gentle cry to a moderate sob
  15. twltterhoes

    crying gently
  16. [PDE]Nomad

    @Senior Admin
  17. twltterhoes

    I made 2 new names cheeklick JamalC both say banned.... not sure why. I have been able to play the server plenty of times up until one night mid game it said I got banned and I haven't been able to connect since.
  18. Farryn

    You still don't show having any bans.. Could you do me a favor and try changing your username and joining? It's possible that the console doesn't like the "hoes" part of your name and is kicking you for it. If that doesn't work then I'm not sure..
  19. NKCN40000


    must be me then
  20. [PDE]PaulKersey


    We only have default/normal health
  21. Earlier
  22. twltterhoes

    In-Game Name: TWLTTERHOES Server 1, 2, or 3: 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Unsure. Ban Length (If You Know): Unsure. Reason for your ban (If You Know): Unsure, perhaps reload canceling on accident, not abusing it on purpose. Why you wish to be unbanned: Me and several of my buddies have recently been having a TON of fun on the server! Dropping super high kill games and having fun. I didn't intentionally abuse anything and really love the server/game. Any other comments: If I said something offensive in chat out of frustation or If I did something against rules on accident, I really didnt mean to and I apologize. Like I said, my friends and I have a lot of fun playing together and really create a competitive vibe in the server. We also like to stir up the conversation for the social aspect but nothing more than friendly banter! Thanks for the EPIC server and hope to get unbanned! This was my original appeal! Unfortunately, it does still say im permanently banned! https://prnt.sc/tbysgi Any help would be extremely appreciated!
  23. NKCN40000


    and i meant with stopping power
  24. NKCN40000


    Was hp lowered on the servers this week it used to be 4-5 shots for a flash hider svt40 at long range to the body now it's only 3-2 shots long mid range?
  25. Nicktator

    What is the secret to arty placement? I need to know...
  26. [PDE]OM3GA_

    You was banned for glitch shooting with your kar. Typical glitch with bolts when you reload after every shot, and cancel that reload to shoot faster.
  27. Chester

    I got so much arty, and for the first time in my life it landed on enemy, not me. Over 40 arty kills,
  28. snipe20021

    ok do you think since im using a hotspot thats causing the issue? i need to use a hotspot since i dont have wifi at my house it works for all my other game but sometimes like for minecraft for example i would get kicked because it would say i have a vpn or something
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