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  5. Your In-Game Name: Revnova Cheaters In-Game Name:Prasik Which Server: PDG 2 Reason for request: the were using a "Glitch" to team kill by swapping teams after tossing a nade. they were doing it for a couple of matches. but left during the 2nd. Proof: 480p cuz i have terrible laptop. watch kill feed when he traps the guy with the LMG.
  6. Profile songs are now working again for donators. require re-uploads.
  7. Thank you for the support, I gave you the regular/vip rank in game
  8. Let’s go boys!
  9. About time I payed for all the COD 5 WAW I play
  10. The sad thing when it comes to War due to how it's coded I guess but once you reach a certain player count with it the server crashes.
  11. It seems to me that players really like dome. Earlier for example I was on with a few others, it changed to dome ffa and by the end it had 19 players, next map was dead again... Could you add dome to come in more often with modes such as sab or war? The round might be over with quick but it might help keep player numbers up.
  12. Due to issues with our older theme and the modified default theme breaking even more I hope we have reached the final form of our community forum. There are a few other features I'm looking forward to announcing when they are fully functional. Started using Font Awesome icons for forum related ranks for some extra shine.
  13. 50 bucks goes a long way on back page 😉
  14. Wouldnt mind adding Vampyr to my collection
  15. Giveaways are epic :) Hellblade always looked like a good game
  16. I'm have a steam key for Vampyr and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice I will be selecting a person for each game, to enter the giveaway just comment below which game you want. More than 1 post will disqualify you from winning.
  17. Hello .. ! Very good server - "PDG} # 2 MULTIPLAYER + | No HC | USA | pdelite.org". I connect every day and I have a lot of fun there .. Thank you very much for this - .. =). a question . because I can't connect to the other server ..? .. PDG} # 1 MULTIPLAYER + | No HC | pdelite.org "I think before it could .. but now it says" "No or Bad Challenge For Address" "..From already thank you very much ..
  18. Added the ability to turn on 2FA Authentication to further secure your account
  19. Hi there, Your best option would be to make a ban appeal in the appropriate section using this template (Click here) Even if you don't think you're banned, it'll give us the proper information needed to find a solution to your problem. Thanks
  20. Hi after reinstalling my game i started playing and your servers are automatically kicking me out. Is there any reason why? thank you for your help.
  21. Ayyy fellow dad joke enthusiast
  22. Fifty bucks is the least I can do for everyone putting up with my terrible dad jokes
  23. I used to (and still do in some cases) backup my games and I have two versions of a backup for WAW, which is one whole image beyond the size of a regular DVD and another custom backup split into two DVDs. I don't know if what I'm saying helps or if I'm just adding experience, but you can try making a disk image copy (.iso/.img) of your DVD and see if it creates errors writing the copy to your hard disk or see if it has errors installing from the copy. I also have my install from way back on Windows 7 or XP, but I make a copy of its registry (a bit more technical) and reapply that registry
  24. Thanks Guys. no luck in fixing may have to grab WaW when it goes on sale on steam
  25. Well I used to, but then my computer's disk tray broke so I haven't actually used the CD itself in months. I just access the client through the files. As far as wolf's problem goes i don't know, I'm not good with computers unfortunately
  26. Profile rank and settings/classes are kept locally compared to new CoDs that are in the cloud C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\players and you'll want to copy the profile folder
  27. I have do a clean install of windows 10 and all my drivers etc. It still does, I am assuming It is the newer version of windows 10 I have which is 2004. If I can get it on steam can I back up my retail profile and stats to steam so I dont have to level up again and keep my rank? @[PDE]Herz Vaalheit@[PDE]Embahh Thanks all for you assistance.
  28. I tried my best I'm not sure how they have issue. Back in 2015 windows 10 1511 I have no issue installing. Maybe they did it wrongly yeah. It's also i7 4710hq got 840m 4gb ddr3 HDD 5400 rpm and dvd drive. I'm guessing either major update block or messed their files. I usually clean install. This is his issue So basically no permission we tried under setup security make sure full control but it seems no help for him. Its Windows broken. Tried Unplugging also the same, as for drivers im not sure which one he got but that might be the issue too, driver is instruction so if its written w
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