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  2. KnuckI3s

    Link working in the top right https://discord.gg/xDC3gur
  3. Mitchell_

    In-Game Name: MOTCHEKK Server 1 or Server 2: Both servers Admin that banned you (If You Know): Not sure Ban Length (If You Know): N/A Reason for your ban (If You Know): I dont think im banned but it keeps kicking me from the servers and saying player kicked. Why you wish to be unbanned: If i am banned and for whatever reason i am banned for i am sorry and wont let it happen again. i really enjoy playing on the servers. Any other comments: If i am banned i dont know what i did as i have never received a message from the server saying i was banned. I would like to know why i keep getting kicked. Thanks or your time.
  4. KnuckI3s

    It tells me link has expired can someone give me a new invite code please?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Last week
  7. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Maybe this link is your problem. If it is, try JFF server. It's back. https://www.pdelite.org/topic/1956-notice-for-non-legit-users-before-making-a-ban-appeal/
  8. Trigun_Vash

    You make a good point about my suggestion to raise the damage profile for the rifles, fair enough. I wasn't "bitching" about campers, i was just offering a suggestion that had been implemented in later games (in one form or another) to great affect. I didn't realise that so many of the suggestions would require mods, im not terribly familiar with the game's engine. Like i say in my comment, i was merely making suggestions based on my limited knowledge. I think the recon plane change would be beneficial. I must say, i still think that there should be a variety of game modes on offer. I know that one could always find another server that does offer these game modes, but surely the point of this discussion is to come up with ideas for changes to PDE servers in order to make them more attractive. If that is the point, as i suspect, then surely a suggestion like that should be embraced and thoroughly considered rather than just saying that other servers offer it? Please don't read my comment as sarcastic or anything, I've limited working knowledge of these servers and im just trying to be helpful and constructive.
  9. [PDE]Scrinn

    My only irritations when it comes to martyrdom or just grenades in general is I don't have a grenade indicator half the time
  10. GrassyNole

    Not a bruised ego, just mildly irritating. I'm not sure that Martyrdom actually helps player count, but I'll take your word for it. Y'all are obviously much more experienced in running a server than I am. You're right that I probably deserve a song on the world's smallest violin. It just seems to the untrained eye like Martyrdom is more of an annoyance than a necessary evil. But again, I'll take your word for it.
  11. the_slim_reefer

    Disagree here. Its really helpful for rooting out campers if you can manage to just bum rush into their spot True, but thats the price you pay unfortunately. You know they're there and they're going to fuck you. This game's marty grenades have a longer fuse and a lot less power than other titles like MW and MW2 so it personally doesn't bother me too much and I don't feel too bad for those who can't avoid them, even when its myself sometimes. which is why i like to use it. I usually have about 20 deaths per game, sometimes less sometimes more, so is it really helping me vs steady aim? no not really. Its more amusing to me as someone who watches the killcam tho and seeing the killscore pop up. People whine when I've had steady aim on, people whine when I have marty; they're going to whine no matter what. I already hit on this, but again CoD4 grenades are basically mini-nukes. They're much more powerful, they have a shorter fuse, and the maps are smaller. I totally agree with disabling them on that game. It shouldn't help good players. Good players don't need the help, they already have the advantage over lesser players. Players like Fragimus and ZefrTV come in and clear out the server sometimes because they're so far above almost everyone else. Take out marty and the lesser players who DO stick around, are less inclined to do stick it out. Frag and Zefr will literally clear the lobbies without martyrdom. So yea, it does exist to give cheap kills to bad players. so what? would you rather have no players at all? If it bruises your ego that a lesser player can get a cheap kill on you, then too bad, thats what its there for. You already have the skill advantage over them. You need to give these players SOME incentive to stick around. They manage to hang in there going 18-45, I think you can deal with a few marty deaths while going 55-18
  12. Zardarii

    I was playing COD WAW a few hours ago, now I tried to join the server and its saying I am permanently banned from playing . Dont do this I will die In-Game Name: Zardarrii Server 1 or Server 2: 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Dont Know Ban Length (If You Know): Permanent Reason for your ban (If You Know): Dont know Why you wish to be unbanned: Server is my only way to play COD WAW I love this game please Unban me. I dont even know the reason. Thanks and please help me out I have nothing else to do these days Any other comments:
  13. this is how you turn the game into instagib since these already have high damage bitching about campers is not killing campers, do one or the other other suggestions require mods which makes me wonder if you dont want to just play a different game I do support idea of Recon Plane being 5 kills tho, but not sure if its doable
  14. its designed to be a crutch so less skilled players can score some nasty kills, servers became less populated when it was disabled before so it should stay both are crutches for less skilled players to buff their abysmal aim and can be used to buff trash weapons. downside is that skilled players can destroy servers with these. toss back is literally free kills on maps with crazy fights like courtyard, dome, subpens etc. good players dont need steady aim to drop you at close range, note people like Snap who will dodge your bullets and stab you in the neck or Viper who will just set you on fire. once you play the game enough to disregard stopping power, Jugg and steady aim, and start using other perks, thats when you actually get good and understand the joys of tactical options that open for you. here are some perks you should try: FIREWORKS - your explosives suddenly become much deadlier, combine with tossback for max fun CAMOUFLAGE - tired of recon plane being up 24/7 on large maps? this will help DOUBLE TAP - apart from increased firerate, it also increases bullets being loaded on bolt action rifles, pumpshotgun and it increases fire rate on semi autos SLEIGHT OF HAND - great for guns that are deadly but hindered by small mag sizes or long reloads: DP-28, BAR, mp40, double barrel shotty etc DEEP IMPACT - my go to on big caliber guns, walls become paper EXTREME CONDITIONING - ever wanted to surprise some people with some sneaky backstabs? works great with camouflage TOSS BACK - free kills on nade heavy maps DEAD SILENCE - full ninja mode when combined with camouflage, run behind enemy lines and make their snipers curse your name in chatbox
  15. [PDE]PaulKersey

    I like the idea, but it would be more suited on one of the servers with mods. One of them probably already has this. Maybe >XI< servers, [SnR] Tactical Realism, or Bm8 servers.
  16. [PDE]PaulKersey

    We actually tried that before years ago and people still went bananas on other maps. That's how we ended up where it is now. Just like voice chat, we tried. Rifle nades are allowed at =[JFF]= Server #1 - It's one of the best servers on WAW.
  17. Trigun_Vash

    Id like to chip in a couple of ideas. Forgive me if any of these have been discussed before. Increase damage for BAR, DP, most of the rifles Introduce a "cranked"- like mechanic (players cant camp for more than a certain period, otherwise they die) Might be an issue for snipers, but id argue that good snipers tend to move around anyway Allow players to vote for the next map? some players might despise maps like Banzai and prefer maps like Outskirts or Dome Ban Stopping Power, Juggs, Martydom - these are the 3 perks that see the most play and players are almost forced to choose one of the them because game rewards it. Id love to not run Stopping power, but then i would constantly lose firefights to juggs and others with stopping power. Martydom can be dealt with by using Perks, so its not as bad as stopping power and marty, but its still obnoxious. Reduce every players starting health so that the lack of stopping power isnt as big a deal Run different game modes? Id love to see more domination or WAR on servers Change the kill streak requirements to 5 - UAV, 8/9- Arty, 12/13-Dogs. Right now it seems like non-stop UAV spam on some maps. Maybe change up the rewards system a little bit? the money that players earn in-game doesnt do anything currently. I know you dont want to implement mods, but perhaps there is some way for the money to be used? if not, maybe a new rewards system needs to be considered? Introduce bullet drop? this one im not even sure is possible with the games engine. In fact, for some reason i seem to remember a developer saying that they introduced damage ranges because they couldnt introduce bullet-drop and so they needed to compensate. Not sure how true that is, but if its possible to have bullet drop, maybe introduce it? If not, maybe look at altering damage ranges. Im just throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks here. Also, apologies for spelling or grammar errors. Ive just got a new keyboard and ive got to get used to the Cherry MX Red switches (i usually prefer Blues).
  18. GrassyNole

    You're not wrong, but at the same time, Martyrdom contributes absolutely nothing to the game. I agree that betties are a non-issue thanks to Bomb Squad, but Martyrdom will consistently fuck you over no matter what. If you don't run Flak Jacket, you'll be fucked by Martyrdom grenades blocking escape routes and creating "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situations. If you DO run Flak Jacket, those couple of Martyrdom deaths per game will simply be replaced by deaths due to not having Stopping Power/Jugg. Using Toss Back makes any close range engagement an auto-loss against a good player (who is probably using Steady Aim and an SMG). Doesn't even need to be banned, just disabled. Countless CoD4 servers do it, and for good reason. It does nothing to help good players, and exists only to give cheap kills to bad players.
  19. Trigun_Vash

    In-Game Name: RottenCheese Server user ID (If obtainable): No Idea, sorry about that. More than happy to donate to help out. I hope we can get a WAR server going at some point.
  20. Trigun_Vash

    Thanks a lot guys for your support! Zuko, i remember you dude! Its been a while since i saw you in game, looking forward to seeing you again. Ive joined the Discord, but of course my Mic is broken ATM so ill have to buy a new one when all this madness is over.
  21. [PDE]ZukoFire

    RottenCheese seem familiar to me, Probably we met before around 2014 idk i go by ZukoFire and RoyalZuko if you met me before. Im positive on this app too. Good luck man
  22. [PDE]ChaosTheory

    Hey! I see you play great games, we have been farming COD MW/WARZONE for a couple of months now. Feel free to join us and play with us on discord. https://discord.gg/N5b5YT I would like to have you with us for sure, im positive on this, so lets see what the others say PS: Your name (blackadder) sounds familiar, or this is something I have from GTA LOL!
  23. DaB3aR

    I've been good so far. I tend to watch YouTube or anime all day along side playing games. Playing with friends either irl ones or ones I met online really makes the time pass. I do miss going to my college campus a bit but it ain't nothing for me to go crazy about. Just gotta bide time as long as we need to. The people panic buying do make me mad though, like just calm down the world isn't ending, just buy what you need.
  24. [PDE]Kokomaaab

    Ok i will note that about your blizzard account, definetely you need to have team voice chat if you want to play MW. You want some history? I'm originally Egytpian but i was born and raised in Greece so how about that? two great cultures fully of history.
  25. Trigun_Vash

    HI Koko, Ill try out Discord, though Ive never used it before so it might take some getting used to. Please do add me on Blizzard if you want to form a party for COD or Borderlands or something. Please note that for some reason my in-game name is different from my account name. My account name is WuTang4Eva, my in-game name is DatsNotRightMan. Ive no idea why Blizzard has done this, but mine is not to reason why i suppose. I'm not big in football, i am a rugby guy and i support the Leicester Tigers. Its a long-standing tradition in my family to support them. I got into teaching Chemistry because it makes sense in my lizard brain: atoms, bonding, orbitals, reactivity, etc. I guess i kinda fell into it. My love of history picked up when i joined the Army, i learned a lot of military history and that sparked my whole interest in the topic (Holy Roman Empire FTW!).
  26. Mike_J92

    all of this is still hilarious to me, especially when people complain about being stuck at home dont you have a family to interact? hobbies to partake in? book/tv/game backlog to work on? housework to do? cmon folks
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