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Hello beautiful people! I'm back!
Some of you already know me, for those who don't... My name is Alberto, I'm 31 years old and I live in Italy.
I like animals and I love women ... and obviously I love play fps game!
I play on PDE Servers since 2 years (i think) and I like it so much! I don't have too much skills to play with bolt-action rifle but i'm learning more every match. Then I usually play with type100 or ptrs.
Thanks to all PDE Staff for the work they do to permit at people like me to play online!

See you on the servers!

....Have a nice 2017!!! :D


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Welcome back Alberto :D We are doing our best to make players feel good and having fun on our servers.

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Hello Friend, I know U long time. Good luck Alberto!


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Good to see you 5b1anky

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[21:28] |NßK| LadyCinell: i eat kid like that all days at 4 pm
[14:23] [PDE]TAJ: i want to eat hot dog [14:23] [PDE]TAJ: and american burger
[01:33] dancingmad: Nah, but northern minnesota. Trees and paul bunyan and shit.
[DEAD]XmohamedX4gamer: i hate this map its very very players
[11:16] [PDE]TAJ: i wish i could turn off the repeating message of scofields friendship story

The legendary Xfire messenger^^

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hey uh, I dont know you but welcome back !

catch me on PDE #2 how bout dat ?

maybe we play together sometime ?

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