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Ban appeal DECAY_OYK

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Ban appeal DECAY_OYK

In-Game Name: DECAY_OYK

Server 1 or Server 2: PDG 1

Admin that banned you (If You Know): [PDE]XRayGR

Ban Length (If You Know):  apparently perm ban

Reason for your ban (If You Know): reload canceling

Why you wish to be unbanned:

I messaged him about this (http://prntscr.com/ohz0hn) . To be fair he is right in warning and kicking me. I read the rules afterwards (


Important part:



At 0:34 you can see that i claimed I didn't reload cancel, because I got a PTRS. Well now I know that that's not allowed as well. I was convinced the reload canceling rule only refered to bolt action snipers, so they don't act like semi-auto snipers.

I just would like to reduce the ban (a week or so), so i can play on the server in the future again (won't reload cancel again). 

Any other comments:

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I told you at the personal message that you sent me.I dont ban falsely but more specifically i dont ban players without proofs.Read the server rules now,cause i will unban you but there wont be any other chance.

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