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Ban a player named 40MILION

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Ban a player named 40MILION

Player named 40MILION uses racist language against others and insults others based on their social status. He also says nazi words and may be using hacks.

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Posted (edited)

You know im pretty sure the admins have something called chat logs and can easily tell you that youre just straight up lying

also you didnt even fill out the proper ban request form did you even read anything before posting this or was it out of pure rage?

seriously try harder next time bud



i just realised you posted this in the ban appeal section aswell lmao mods please just get rid of this dude

Edited by 40MILLION

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First of all the obvious, wrong section, second you did not use the template 

and third, you actually need proof, we don't ban people without it.

Anymore posts like this without proof/merit will result in further warnings/punishments.



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