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Lyrics To "Tha Clan Song"

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Lyrics To "Tha Clan Song"

Although the song was named "Tha Clan Song", it's not meant as an official song of the clan (just in case some don't like hip hop hehe). It was more of a feeling that started from the gaming theme on the YT channel and over time, turned into a song with new music (at the end of the song, you can hear the melody to the gaming theme). Here are the lyrics to the full song.



You're rollin’ with the  P – D – E

Worldwide and our peeps stay deep

Ain’t nothin’ but the O — N -- E

Come and kick it when we’re on your street


Down to ride out with [PDE]KingTifa ether soldiers fo’ [PDE]BloodMoney on [PDE]PersistentPerfection Chaos so grand - with the strategy that's planned - When we

run with [PDE]Kokomaaabsta we soak ‘em like a swab - on the job - a [PDE]Savage3X - bust - mine - with [PDE]TAJ - When the

shots rang out they listen - a bunch of [PDE]Vandalism215 penetrate Lady [PDE]Agnese is on the case - All those

other plotters ain't careful can suffer [PDE]Cann0nFodd3r or a blade to the rib cage 'cause this is how we [PDE]Rantanrave - don't

bother - Speakin' of raven' the [PDE]Gavran fly all - patterns to getcha' - Ballistas stay - fired like [PDE]RoyalZuko and you-

know - [PDE]-Jano- plans those precise moments in time that girl - [PDE]emiPL rocks Martinis she’s a great partner in crime - Asked the

[PDE]-barman- to pass - me one - slid me - shot gun - ready for the premiere with [PDE]Damir-W in-the-yard sendin' hot ones On the

[PDE]Road-To-Awe relentlessness of a [PDE]ClydeBarrow mind of professor [PDE]Profas - we bust - to [PDE]Omega no one's left - but us




Gotta show love to the

LBi Clan – a veteran- in the game – on the server we became – made our name - gained acclaim – with

insane shooters shell polluters showering the City Streets in the Backlot – in a Showdown in Chinatown in a rural Creek – Fools

expire in that Cross – fire on the Bloc 'dem get that Wet Work – with Shipments - down the Pipeline on a dike 'dem tap that head first – See the

srsn – tried to recruit us back in the day – we used to be cool – but they couldn’t stand - that we were on top when we smashed those crews – Had a few

traitors deserters – people left and people came but only the truest remain – kept the tag and we laughed at the failed con game – Tried to

undercut us only got the new recruits and weaker – not old enough to understand the clan and our grim reapers See we

put it down in the game – people know when they see that score when they see that tag no it ain’t to brag but you’re in good hands when you got one more – We got our

back like blood brothers and sisters of all nations that’s why all these years ' still Koko Chaos KingTifa PK and ' know they

wish we'd betray - comin’ for the crown when we’re around – when the Theory comes to light – Chaos from the shadows like a Foxhound – It’s

forever the family no matter what they try to put against us perseverance no pretenders get up in ya’ we’re the P D E




Shout out to the V - R - T - Clan the ones that thought we were dead - and gone and thought I was alone - in the cut - My fam's still

here while y'all crew done dissolved and disappeared - [PDE]PaulKersey come back deliverin' Death Wishes for you fibs - Fools

catchin’ a [PDE]FlashDeath takin’ their very last breath – half step and get casted – smoke and ash that will be left - Swerve a

right with the [PDE]GSXDream -  that’s on my team - [PDE]XrayGR without a scanner machine - ‘know what I mean?




There's a few 'slang' words in here that I made into the original proper spelling and will probably have to come and do the rest later.

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[21:28] |NßK| LadyCinell: i eat kid like that all days at 4 pm
[14:23] [PDE]TAJ: i want to eat hot dog [14:23] [PDE]TAJ: and american burger
[01:33] dancingmad: Nah, but northern minnesota. Trees and paul bunyan and shit.
[DEAD]XmohamedX4gamer: i hate this map its very very players
[11:16] [PDE]TAJ: i wish i could turn off the repeating message of scofields friendship story

The legendary Xfire messenger^^

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