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  1. mournfulmind

    the waw servers XP i was wondering how you guys got the "+1000" and made it a random color for every kill and also how did you make a special xp number for headshot like "+1337".
  2. mournfulmind

    this is the clips, i put a disclaimer in the begging about people thinking that i use scripts or a "fast fire bind" but i use two fingers to fire as shown in the beginning and the rest is the clips that i took from the game including the last 2 mins before i got banned. all of those clips were in the same session and both games were right after eachother.
  3. mournfulmind

    my ban appeal In-Game Name:mournfulmind Server 1 or Server 2: server 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): i think it was an auto ban Ban Length (If You Know): i have no idea how long Reason for your ban (If You Know): i think it was going for headshots and i hit the headshot limit Why you wish to be unbanned: because i am playing legit and i was wroungfully banned Any other comments: i have 2 min snippets of recordings for my highlights to show that i am not cheating in anyway, i ask of you nicely to reply to help me with getting unbanned, thank you.
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