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  1. kpie

    I have yet to receive an informative response. I was not hacking. Why was I banned for hacking?
  2. kpie

    Can someone please reconsider my ban?
  3. kpie

    Put a thought into doing what? I think you're misunderstanding. I was not hacking. I was having a really good game. Yes, I know there are other populated servers, but this one is my favorite. Can you help me or try to understand?
  4. Ban Appeal please Hello! So I had no idea that your servers had a website, and that there was a forum for ban appeals. A few months ago I was banned on the server for playing. Thing is, I was doing really good and was getting a bunch of kills in the map roundhouse. I think I was suspected of cheating, and then was banned. Look guys I had one good game. I play on your server a lot. My IGN on your servers were "_Kpie_" . Please reconsider my ban. Your server is my only hope of ever being able to play world at war online. Edit: Added information for a ban appeal request In-Game Name: _Kpie_ Server 1 or Server 2: Server 2 Admin that banned you (If You Know): Unknown Ban Length (If You Know): unknown Reason for your ban (If You Know): Cheating? Thank you.
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