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  1. i just want to be Unbanned from the servers

  2. wolfgamer356

    I wasn't doing that at all!
  3. wolfgamer356

    the mosin nagant 100%
  4. i got banned for being good at the game In-Game Name: Wolfgamer356 Server 1 or Server 2: both Admin that banned you (If You Know): Ban Length (If You Know): prema ban Reason for your ban (If You Know): Why you wish to be un-banned: i did nothing wrong. i was just playing normally like everyone else Any other comments: i wasn't cheating. i wasn't talking sh*t about other players. i didn't do anything wrong. please un-ban me from the servers
  5. wolfgamer356

    i got banned for being good at the game when i was playing the 2nd server i suddenly got PERMA BANNED for no reason what so ever. i tried any way to contact an admin so they would un-ban me but i couldnt find any available. so if there is any PDG admin reading this. please unban me from PDG #1 and #2 for call of duty WAW Ingame Username: Wolfgamer356
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