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  1. SockItToYa

    As of right now I use Chrome. I've only ever used Explorer, Safari (as I own a 2012 MacBook Pro but even on that I currently use Chrome), and a small amount of FireFox when it was relatively new and of those Chrome had the best performance which is why I still use it. However, my main gripe with Chrome is the fact that it uses quite a bit of RAM. Edge Dev looks clean, maybe I'll make the switch and join you on that browser as well.
  2. SockItToYa

    There are perks like bomb squad/flakjacket/tossback to counter betties and martyrdom.
  3. SockItToYa

    Hahah yea you meet some unique individuals late at night.
  4. SockItToYa

    A few close games.
  5. SockItToYa

    Ooooh I absolutely LOVE that one!
  6. SockItToYa

    I definitely would not be opposed to the new theme, it looks really good with the colour choices and it’s super clean like Simmy said. +1 from me on making it the new theme. Job well done Scrinn!
  7. SockItToYa

    Now you can play WaW again to switch it up instead of playing CoD4 against bots all the time!
  8. SockItToYa

    Thank you to everyone for the kind words and those who showed support. I'm glad to be a part of the PDG family!
  9. SockItToYa

    Can't find the edit post button for whatever reason but heres another one: Clapping Hands GIF https://imgur.com/2acAUyH
  10. SockItToYa

    PepeJam GIF https://imgur.com/csuEeuK
  11. SockItToYa

    Thank you Nick and thank you both Simmy and Scrinn for the kind words!
  12. SockItToYa’s Application Name: Luca In-game name: SockItToYa Country: Canada City: Toronto Age: 24 Do you have any other games?: I’m definitely an FPS kind of person but I do own quite a few racing games as thats another type of genre I love playing (all classic NFS games, the GRID series, Forza Horizon series, among other games). In regards to other shooters, I’ve put a ton of hours into Battlefield. My most played ones are Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 1. I’ve also played the Bad Company games. I wish they brought the series back but apparently DICE doesn’t know why it was so popular. I’ve been trying to get into single-player games as of recently. My main one right now is the Metal Gear Solid series as I’ve always been interested in it but have never gotten to play the games when they were new. How long have you been playing in PDE servers?: Almost a year now, I built my PC in February of 2019 and immediately downloaded WaW and hopped on the PDG servers. What are you good at? Any game skills?: I would say I’m pretty good in most games I play. For the Call of Duty series I’d definitely say I’m above average as thats been my main FPS since I was in middle-school. I’ve always had a KD ratio above 2 in most CoDs. My ratio on WaW PC is about a 3.5. I’m pretty good in battlefield as well. I was able to hold a decent K/D ratio (2.5ish) while also playing the objective. Rush was my main game mode and at one point I was top 500 for Rush score. For racing games I try my hardest to play as close to a simulator as possible (i.e no assists, driving lines, etc). Makes it more challenging which is what I enjoy. I’d eventually like to get a rig for those kinds of games but for now I’ll have to deal with using a controller. Introduce yourself: I’m Luca. I’ve been a gamer ever since my mom surprised one evening with a PS1 and 3 games; Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Gran Turismo 2, and FIFA 99. I’ve owned pretty much every console at least one point in my life and own all of the current generation consoles (Xbox one, PS4, and Switch). The first CoD I played was CoD4 at a friends house on his Xbox 360 I became immediately hooked. At the time, WaW had just released and the only console I had was a Wii. So my first CoD game that I owned was CoD WaW for the Wii. I think I had like 16 or 17 days played on it. At one point I was in a clan and participated in a few 4v4 Gamebattles matches, which is crazy to think about now haha. I’ve put a lot of time into WaW and thats why it’s one of my all time favourite CoD games. Outside of gaming, I’m a sports fan. I mainly follow hockey (stereotypical Canadian here haha), Soccer (mostly the Italian league as my dad is a huge Juventus supporter and watches every league game), and basketball. What do you think about PDG?: PDG runs the best servers and allows me to relive my teen years and play one of my favourite shooters. The members are fantastic, friendly and willing to help out any way they can. I’ve met a lot of new people and have made new friends because of PDG. I’m glad I am able to give back and aid PDG in the form of keeping the servers clean. It’s the least I can do to help as PDG has given me the ultimate gift of being able play a classic CoD game after all these years that I truly enjoy.
  13. SockItToYa

    Should've put a lot of thought into that before doing what you did. Also, PDGs' servers aren't the only ones for WaW. There are other populated servers that you can play on.
  14. SockItToYa

    Make a proper ban appeal using this template and an admin will look into it:
  15. Damn thats absurd! In regards to people that are purchasing it on console, RIP to those who still have and have not upgraded the storage of their launch PS4s and Xbox Ones. Infinity Ward are really trying to make sure you can only play their game lol.

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