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  1. SockItToYa

    Should've put a lot of thought into that before doing what you did. Also, PDGs' servers aren't the only ones for WaW. There are other populated servers that you can play on.
  2. SockItToYa

    Make a proper ban appeal using this template and an admin will look into it:
  3. Damn thats absurd! In regards to people that are purchasing it on console, RIP to those who still have and have not upgraded the storage of their launch PS4s and Xbox Ones. Infinity Ward are really trying to make sure you can only play their game lol.
  4. SockItToYa

    That game I was using it. I just felt like trying something different instead of using the Tommy/T-100 as the player count was low. The odd times I do play dome with more players though I always use SMGs.
  5. SockItToYa

    It’s bearable when the player count is low-moderate
  6. SockItToYa

    That was a good Carbine game and was a good test for how consistent my trigger finger is with it lol. Also, I stole all your kills in the final 2 minutes @Nicktator
  7. SockItToYa

    Not much of a mobile gamer anymore but I remember hearing about it when they had the beta for it. How does aiming work in that game?
  8. SockItToYa

    Good luck Nick. Enjoy the experience and have lots of fun 😀
  9. SockItToYa

    I also think that betties should be removed from the servers. Not only does it promote an unenjoyable and camp heavy playstyle as Simmy said, but there are some players in the servers that strictly run around with betties as their primary weapon. For example, I've seen PFC_Kilroy do this almost every time he's in the servers especially on smaller maps. He'll mindlessly run around and drop betties in his path basically guaranteeing him at least a kill. Not only is it super obnoxious and annoying to deal with when playing against him, the same can be said when he is on your team. This is because he is constantly feeding the enemy team kills and killstreaks thus making it harder for your team to win. Doing this might also encourage newer players and others to do the same which I believe ruins the quality and fun factor of the games. Removing betties would prevent people from exploiting this certain playstyle and will ultimately improve the overall experience for regulars and newcomers.
  10. SockItToYa

    Congratulations on becoming a member Simmy! Well deserved.
  11. SockItToYa

    I find it hard to believe you don't know why you were banned. You were caught aimbotting and will not be unbanned. Here's the video if you need help remembering.
  12. SockItToYa

    Did you join them Nick? I see you also have a sniper in your hands and a couple of betties in your pocket. 😉
  13. I’ll stick to the older Call of Duty’s, the superior and more enjoyable ones. They seem to be catering much more to competitive play (i.e only having the mini-map available in that mode and left off in casual) which I’m really not a fan of at all. I’ll save my money this time around.
  14. SockItToYa

    Good to know Paul, thank you.
  15. Congrats on moderator status dude!! 😄

    1. SockItToYa


      Thank you my man! 😄

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