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  1. true.north

    "Fly low ye carrion crow, seize my body for the debt I owe! Drop me high into the depths below, for the things I've seen, no one else should know!"
  2. true.north

  3. true.north

    Holly smokes, really guys? Thank you for the honour you showed me, and for the respect you gave me in this family! Thank you @[PDE]NikosGreece for your kind words, thank you @[PDE]Embahhfor a nice welcome everytime you see me on the server, thank you @[PDE]ZukoFire, thank you @[PDE]PaulKersey for great news! So that means I can wear [PDG] clan tag?
  4. true.north

    A strange day today! Feel tired and without energie! Workday sucked a55, had to cut up 2 cars in a crash and there was a child in one of them... Gonna have bad dreams again! I feel pushed again!!!
  5. true.north

  6. true.north

    Looking for a home! Name: TiborIn-game Name: true.northCountry:sLOVEniaCity: LjubljanaAge: 37 Do You Have Any Other Games?: CSGO, COD4, COD5, COD Black Ops, and some racing games that I play from time to timeDo you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield V? Not at this momentHow long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: For a month nowWhat are you good at? Any game skills? I used to be a Ban righted on =[JFF]= COD4 and COD5 servers, been really strickt on insultings and racist peopleIntroduce Yourself: As you can see I used to be a banrighted member on JFF and now that my family has been gone, I am looking for a new home, cause I do enjoy playing these old school WW2 games a lot! And as far as I know, your servers are the only one still running with a good number of players! Other thing you should know about me were already said in my introduction, and if anything else is in need of an anwser, feel free to ask me What do you think about PDG?: Well, like JFF before, you guys seem to do it the right way, cause you are still alive and online You guys seem to have a good family here and you take care of your people! I see a lot of ex JFF server players, playing on your servers now and I know a lot of them, know their personalities, and most of the old guys were happy with my way of running stuff when I was online! So if you are looking to ad a new member that is online for at least an hour or two throu the week, and more on the weekends, please let me know and like I said, if you need any help with anything, like some of your members asked me before, feel free to ask me for help, I will do my best! Have a great rest of the weekend, and stay OK !
  7. true.north

    If I can help in any way, please do let me know! Its nice to see a warm welcome for a [JFF] members in your comunnity! ❤️ Thank you my friend, I will send you a picture of her as soon as I am able to! Just to let you know, she has around 40 kilos and her chest height is around 60 cm! Finally a man that understands why I am so in love with firefighting! When you graduated, i had almost 10 years of work time in professional firefighting, but hey every firefighter is my brother or sister! Where do you live btw? What does not kill you makes you stronger right? I enjoy it alot, so thats why I keep doing it! And it relaxes me! That are some warm words and thank you for them! Will try to do as much as I can and help you guys if you need me to! And one thing i forgot to mention, I am a tattoo freak, have 9 of them at the moment, but i am sure they are not the last! So anyone tattooed out there, feel free to chat about it!
  8. true.north

    Old dog So I just singed in to say hello to you all! I found your server after my old clan decided to retire and I am now without a clan! I was banrighted member in [JFF] and i spend a lot of time especially on our COD5 server! I love playing that game and I also play CSGO! I am a firefighter, I am from sLOVEnia and I am 37 years old (I know, I know Im to old for video games) but to be honest, gaming is my relaxation and I do enjoy it! When I am not gaming, I love to spend my time down at the river next to a place I live, I am also an owner of a Alaskan Malamute and Russian Blue Cat, so I am kinda animal person! I also love watching documentaries, been hooked on everything about nuclear energie, also about Chernobyl, but i also do watch other things that interest me! So that is just some small info about me, and I will see you all on COD5 server! P.S. Nikos thanks for a warm welcome! Have a good one boys and girls
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