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  1. true.north

  2. true.north

    Happy 2020 boys and girls, I wish you love, health and tons of smiles! ❤️
  3. true.north

    A bad weekend for me... Just lost a friend that I grew up with yesterday at 4:15 in the morning! The sad part is, I was the one who cut him out of the wrecked car... Not the first friend I had to cut out of the wrecked car, but this one made me ask myself why do I still do it, firefighting I mean! Started when I was 18 years old, so next year will be 20 years of my work... Stay safe out there boys and girls!
  4. true.north

  5. true.north

    Battlefield 1944 Cause of getting sick and tired of problems with CSGO I decided to find me a new game, and I landed myself Battlefield 1944! So what is the game about? Its aWW2 shooter and its not bad to say the least! Sure there are problems with the game, the biggest is a small community, and small servers, but otherwise its a nice WW2 shooter. You gat your classes, like in COD series, but without perks to unlock, you have ranks that you fill with XP and you have a nice graphics. Like I said, player base is small, when I played yesterday around 9 pm there were 2 boths in every 6 player team 0.o But playing today in the morning, there were 2 full teams. So game has potencial and a lot of it! About hackers, I have not seen 1 so far, there is an anticheat system in place, as for what i read about it, seems to be good and effective. There are 2 game modes in nonranked public games (CT-capture the flag, and Radio-headquoters) and you have also a ranked competative matches, but they are dedicated to FACEIT servers, I have not played it yet, cause i think it would be a hard thing to find a match for me, with such a low rank! And now about the price. The game will cost you 19,99 euros, and if you buy a new Gladiators edition, it will cost you 25,99 euros on STEAM of course! With Gladiators edition, you get 10 cases and a special "supporter" knife. Yes, the game has skins like CSGO. They are not as flashy or as detailed as in CSGO, but they look good, they have that WW2 feel to it... Prices of skins are low right now, ofcourse there are some special skins like STG 44 Shroud signed (famous CSGO, PUBG and Battalion 1944 player) that will set you back for around 1,500 euros. So when you but a bottom line to it, the game is good but not great, I like it but not love it, the price is 2 high if you ask me, but like I said, it has potencial. And if the developers want to make this game a great WW2 shooter, they have a good base to start with! So with that all said, if anyone wants to play this game, already has it or thinks about buying it, let me know! Would be fun to have some knowen faces to play with!
  6. true.north

  7. true.north

    Fine by me! My dear sir, I apologize for my action and I hope your feelings were not hurt! And when we meet on the server, please insult me as much as you can and wish, in any language you prefer!!!
  8. true.north

    And you keep on talking trash and you keep on insulting! Well if you block someone on purpose so he/she can not hide without leaving his/hers possition does that seem fair? I do not have a little ego, my ego is huge and there is nothing you can do about it! Like I said, but it looks like you can't get that in your thick skull! You were not banned for blocking, but for insulting! And about respect! Its not something you demand, its something you earn! Case closed for me, your ban will expire on 28/07/2019 at around 20:00! Until then, have a good rest of the weekend dear sir!
  9. true.north

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/7h36r1mr3aper/screenshots/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/7h36r1mr3aper/screenshots/
  10. true.north

    P.S. I did not ban you for blocking, as you seen I was just a bit wiser and I moved away from you! I banned you for insulting!!!
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